Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Picture

When we were in AZ we had family pictures with the whole Wyeth family. We got to take individual photos too. Here is one of ours. It's a little pixely, but it will do for now!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Home Morning

Ben was not going to be at home on a Monday night, a night we are always together for "Family Home Evening." So we had "Family Home Morning" instead. We had a nice lesson about speaking with the tongue of angels (being kind to one another) and then we headed out for some fun in the snow. We brought our intertube and a cookie sheet (thank you Stephanie for the idea) and had a blast! We had hot cocoa and cupcakes to top it off. A FUN Christmas week morning!
I think William looks like a little lobster :)
After sledding, we saw Santa was at Walgreens, so the girls popped in for a quick visit.
I'm not sure how thrilled Willy B was!

This was from the other day, but I thought I'd put it on anyways. Our gingerbread house!

This one is Ben sliding down on a cookie sheet

This one is Hannah on the cookie sheet
And last but not least, Evelyn on the tube.
I went a few times and had a fun time, too fun to video :)

Thanksgiving Arizona Style

We had such a wonderful time visiting the Wyeths for a whole week in Arizona! Our kids get along with their cousins so well and had a great time playing. Our kids LOVED being outside! They were dirty and stinky, but boy, did they have fun!
This was brilliant! The aunties planned a scavenger hunt on Thanksgiving morning to keep the kids busy while others cooked. Here they are looking for clues.

I love being in Arizona because the aunts are SO good at doing hair! Our girls always look so pretty. Nicole did this do on Evelyn.

Hannah just recently stopped bouncing. She spent HOURS on the trampoline! Here she is with Blake.

Here is the Thanksgiving table! Can you believe it?! Ben's sweet mom wants everyone to be at the same table, and every year she makes it happen!

The kids enjoying the delicious dinner.

A view of the grown-ups

A view of the food! Thank you Grammie!!!

Hannah jumping...again. This time with Carter and Addilyn.

GG watched the talent show from her porch. She is so sweet.

UGH, the drive! This was on the way back, we had some tired kids!

That is a long drive for a little person!

Evelyn was pretty good at keeping herself busy.

Hannah was pretty tired!
A FUN TRIP! Thank you Wyeths!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah!

I had my class sing Hannah Happy Birthday. Enjoy!

Monday, November 16, 2009


As you can see, the girls got matching costumes. We like to stock up on costumes on Halloween for the dress up box. Anyway, Evelyn didn't know that Hannah had the same dress. We dressed Hannah up and sent her out to see Evelyn. She screamed! In her own words she describes the moment,"When Hannah came out, I just like screamed and I felt like there was a spring in my throat. I was so surprised!"
Hannah decided literally last minute that she wanted to be a witch. With a quick visit to the dress-up box, her wish was granted!
Our friends let us borrow a Darth Vader Costume for babies, it was really cute with a cape. Really, he just kind of looked like a baby in black with a black cape.

Arte de Evelyn

I've posted some of Evelyn's drawings before. I just love them. We have some in frames in our house. They are so imaginative and some are very funny.
This is Evelyn's "The End" picture. I think it looks like an opera singer. Very dramatic. She must not have been getting along with Hannah this day and decided to make Hannah like a sharp-toothed fish person.

She made this one a year ago, it says Mommy.

I love the jeweled crown on this one.

This is our family. See William down at the bottom?

This one just makes me laugh! It's something different every time I ask her. There are a thousand stories that could be told with this drawing!

The Queen.

This one SHOCKED me! It's a Spanish lady, but it says "'ole" at the top. I didn't tell her how to spell it and I didn't even know she knew that Spanish ladies said "'ole." She even put a little apostrophe by it.
I later looked in a book that Evelyn likes and there is a small picture of a Spanish dancer with 'ole written next to it. I believe that's where she got it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yee Haw!!

Life is always more fun when Ben's home. Here he is dancing rodeo-style with Willman.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh to be a child. . .

This is how Ben served the girls pancakes the other day. Hannah was a little worried about eating it.
Evelyn and Hannah have been getting ahold of the camera lately. This is one Evelyn took of Hannah.

Hannah took this one of her doll. I love how she posed her on the chair.

Our little mummy Hannah.

This video makes me laugh. Evelyn eventually puts her doll in an "xray" under a stool and Hannah comes and looks through a hole in the stool and Evelyn wonders whose big eye it is.

Happy Birthday to Evelyn!

Evelyn has been very kind today and thanked us for such a wonderful birthday. Thank you to such nice grand parents and aunts who have been so generous to her! She was very sad last night that it was her last night of being 4 years old, but she's accepted the change well and today is excited to be 5.
Evelyn made her own cake. She said it is an artist cake, since she is an artist.
As you may know, Evelyn has had an imaginary friend, Spanish Lady, for some time. Now she gets to dress like her.

A very nice accessory kit to go with a nice vanity

Strawberry shortcake

A princess camera

Evelyn said her birthday was her best because she got everything she's ever wanted! Thank you everyone!

Da da da da

Ben gleams and glows when William says "da da." It's pretty cute. (He said "ma ma" a long time ago)

Monday, October 12, 2009

A perfect fall weekend

This was a couple of weekends ago, but here it is! We had a visit from my dear friend, Candace. We also were able to go make some apple cider with a cider press. Fall is so fun!

Ben and I had gone on a lunch date and when we came back, Nellie was playing with the kids in the back yard. It was a happy scene.

Evelyn was proud to pose in the tree.

Hannah is a maniac on the swing! It's a wonder she stays on!
Pressin' them apples!

Hannah helped... a little.

Thanks for coming Candace!

The girls wanted their face painted like butterflies.
Here are our ghetto scarecrows. It was easy and the kids had fun. That's the important part, right?

I had to put a picture of Hannah admiring hers. She hugs it everyday and is so proud.