Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Thanksgiving by Evelyn Wyeth

Boing, boing, boing! I am jumping on my grandparent's trampoline in Arizona, waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served. While I stop to catch my breath, I look at the long table. It was as long as my classroom! Boing! I start jumping again. All of a  sudden in midair, everything goes into slow motion as my grandma brings out a big, juicy, steaming turkey the size of baby me! My mouth watered as she brought out a variety of other traditional thanksgiving dishes. Finally, it was time to eat. My plate was piled a mile high with a turkey leg the size of my arm. Stuffing as hot as the sun, and a corncob as juicy as a water balloon. I chowed it in, like, forty-five minutes! When I was done, I started jumping again while I waited for everyone else to finish so dessert could be be served. Ow! Wait! I've got a cramp! I rest on the trampoline for  awhile but the sweet smell of pumpkin pie reaches my nose and I race to the table! I look at all the desserts. I could only choose two! Finally, I decided on a huge slice of cinnamon pumpkin pie and a large dollop of jello. When I can eat no more, I go to bed, dreaming of Christmas dinner. I can't wait for next time!