Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Six to Never Forget

Evelyn recently turned 6! Our present to her was a trip to Arizona to celebrate with family. Her birthday conviently fell on fall break and Ben's 10 year High School reunion. So off we went!
Ben's mom threw Evelyn the party of all parties. Cousins Carter, Addilyn, and Preslee were present along with Hannah and Will.
It was a Princess and Knight party.
The HIGHLIGHT was when the "Queen of All Queens" (their Great-Grandmother who has over 120 great-grandchildren and a large armfull of great-great-grandchildren) came out wearing a crown. She made a beautiful treasure box for Evelyn out of a box and decorated it with paper and stickers. It was priceless. Can't you tell what a dream she is?!!? We are so fortunate to get to know her and learn from her!

Preslee sporting her tutu and William's knight tunic that he was too scared to put on.

The castle!! This is a playtoy that Ben's dad made for all of the grandkids (10 and counting), they made it fancy with balloons.

Carter ready to defend the castle against the dragons who were Ben and his brother, Bryan (Carter's dad). The girls stayed up in the castle and screamed and ate the marshmallows they were supposed to be throwing at the dragons while Carter valiantly defended the kingdom.

The Knight and Princess wearing the crowns, wands and sword they got to decorate with stick-on jewels and stickers.

Ben adding to the festive spirit of decorating time.

What a dream cake!!! Thank you Grammie and Grandad!

As if that wasn't enough, Grammie didn't want Hannah to feel left out since she has never celebrated a bday in AZ so she had an un-birthday celebration the next day with a cake and a few presents! She still is talking about it.

William got spoiled spending time with Grandad. He sees his picture and says "Grandad, catch you?" Grandad played catch a ton with Will and put air in his football. That made him an instant hero in Will's eye. He is bonded forever.

Thanks to all for a WONDERFUL weekend in AZ!


Hannah begs us to go to the Wonald McDonald Walmart. We don't even eat at this Mickey D's, but for some reason our kids L O V E this creepy statue! Even William says "Dono! Dono!" (Donald, Donald) The girls pretend they are mother/daughter and take turns posing on his knee and they talk to him like he is a long lost friend. It really makes me laugh! Crazy kids.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today I Feel Like...

my life is out of control!!!
Today, taking pictures of the chaotic state of my house and posting it for the world to see is more therapeutic to me than spending the time it takes to do all of the above to clean it up.

Above: William thought it was good fun to dump out all of our ice cream rock salt and mow over it with a very loud toy mower, start the dishwasher, open the oven, and ask loudly for candy all at the same time.
Snack time?

laundry, laundry, laundry

Not too bad actually!

I have all of the glorious mess because I have one of these not-feeling-well-little-people

...and two of these little puppy people.
And I love it!

The good news; the bathroom is clean!!!

Allergic to Bears

I know I am beyond overdue for a post...posts coming soon...but for now, something cute from Hannah:

A friend was watching William and Hannah while I helped in Evelyn's classroom. There was a dog at the house and I had forgotten to tell my friend that Will is allergic to dogs. The dog came in and licked William's face and soon he had welts on his face (don't worry, nothing serious).

My friend immediately washed Will and put the dog outside. She asked Hannah if William is allergic to animals. She said, "He is not awergic to any animals...except for bears."

I'm not quite sure what Hannah was thinking but it makes me laugh!