Saturday, February 13, 2010

To my perfectly perfecting wife

I’m a happy guy. I really am. See that girl in the picture? The one with the wings and the halo? She’s the secret to my happiness.

Does she have less-than-glorious moments? Yes, of course. She battles feeling like a “mom blob” just like everyone else. She isn’t perfect, and I’m glad.

See, happiness in this life isn’t attained through being perfect, it’s obtained by the experience of becoming perfected. Jessica is the catalyst in my life that moves me to become better.

That’s why she’s the secret to my happiness. Jessica makes me happy because she makes me better.

She fell in love with me, despite my impressive list of faults. She shows her love by refusing to let me indulge them.

Thank you Jess. Thank you for holding my hand and walking with me down the often bumpy, occasionally painful, but always wonderful road to perfection.

Happy anniversary. I love you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

And He's OFF!!

This was taken about a week ago, William is still pretty wobbly, but much better than in this video. I asked him to jump because he usually "jumps" by putting both hands strait up in the air.

Bonus Video:

William was glad to have Ben home.

Bonus Bonus Video:

We found out why some of our cds are not working well.