Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hannah and a Big Bed

It's been a big week for our girls. Evelyn went to preschool and Hannah moved up to a big bed. We will be needing the crib here in a few months, so we thought we would get her well adjusted before the baby comes.
Our friends let us borrow this toddler bed until we find a good price on a twin.
Hannah has loved her big bed. We're not sure she knows she can get out of it yet, but we'll keep it this way as long as we can!

This was the only mishap that we know about so far! She didn't seem to mind sleeping that way! Don't worry, we've since added some rails to keep her off the ground.

One of our biggest worries has been what Evelyn would do since they share a room. She has been really good and given Hannah her space, but every once in a while she will confess: "Don't worry Dad, I just got out of bed really quick and gave Hannah a very gentle kiss and went back to bed." Well, that's pretty sweet. We'll take those confessions any day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It was a big day for us here at the Wyeth household. We got the girls up and made Evelyn her requested preschool shaped pancake with a bell. She was excited to have family prayer and hug and then she hopped right in the car to be on her way to preschool!

She was excited to wear her new purple shirt and she picked out the bow for her hair.

This is after Ben picked her up. There was alot of preschool traffic, so Hannah and I waited in the car. Evelyn really wanted to bring her backpack, even though there was nothing in it.

This is the little movie Ben took before school.

Evelyn told me that she and Ashton were very nice to eachother (a friend from Church). She said her favorite part was playing with the baby dolls. She also was so brave and held the gecko. Outside time was really fun for her as well as singing time and story time. Overall, a successful day at preschool! Way to go Evelyn!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Verdict

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to know what we found out at our doctors visit today. So here it is: it was a false alarm! There is a small cyst, some swollen scar tissue from my first two surgeries and a little thickened skin, but no tumors! The CT scan showed that I'm all clear (much to ours and the doctor's surprise). Thanks for all of the kind words, thoughts and prayers! Hip hip hooray for being tumor free!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We Love to See the Temple!

As part of our nightly routine, we sing songs and say prayers with the girls. Since we have moved to Rexburg Evelyn wants to sing "I Love to See the Temple" every night! We are so fortunate to live so very close to a temple. On any errand that we run here in Rexburg we can see it.
One of our favorite things to do on a Sunday evening is take our children to this special place.
This was taken a few weeks ago.
This one was taken tonight. Evelyn found the perfect place and told me I needed to take her picture.
Hannah enjoys playing peek-a-boo through the pillars.

Tonight Nicole and Jon joined us. It was so fun to be there with them. (By the by, we thought of Nellie the whole time, we missed having her with us, but didn't want to steal her from her roomates and friends.) Here Hannah would say "Cole! 'Mon! " (Nicole, come on!) and take her hand and walk her in a little circle.

Jon making sure Evelyn didn't fall.

The temple reminds the girls how much they really do love each other.

Evelyn loves to sing church songs at the temple...

...and get in touch with her premortal gifts, like dancing.

Hannah likes to get in touch with her inner canine. Sometimes she just decides to be a dog.

In Other Words...

In other words, Ben is growing a few little things in his neck. Cysts? Pleamorphic Adenomas? We'll see. If you'll notice, there are 2 very defined neck crease lines on his neck. That is where he has had 2 surgeries previously for the same thing.
We'll find out on Tuesday what we'll have to do with these little invasions. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

You'll notice a bump in green circle.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just call me lumpy... again!

So it would seem that the tumors in my neck are back for round three. We seem to be on a 5 or 6 year cycle (1997, 2002, 2008). No worries, its just pleomorphic adenoma and isn't dagerous or anything. It just means the likely hassle of having another surgery. We have another appointment on Tuesday so we'll keep you all posted!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


As you saw from before, Evelyn had been taking gymnastics. We decided to change it up a little and try dance. She loved her first day. Her teacher is wonderful.

We are so grateful for the gymnastic experience which taught Evelyn alot about following directions and doing things as a group.

Here she is at her first day! Try not to be as sad as I get when she falls. She really is okay. I promise.


In February, Evelyn started gymnastics. At first it was crazy. Not gymnastics, but Evelyn. This was a new experience and I was worried. She was all over the place leading other kids all over the place right along with her. Well, after a few weeks and a few phone calls to my mom and mom-in-law (who happened to have a son very much like Evelyn :) Evelyn got the hang of things and did wonderfully.
These pictures were from the Gymnastic Olympics held the same time the real olympics were happening in Beijing.

These first pictures were taken by our friend, Liz, the mother of Gracee, the one in the middle with the blue bows. One of Evelyn's "very best friends" as Evelyn has said many times.
PS~ Sorry, this underline is really annoying, but I'm just going to leave it for now. Not sure why it's happening

The girls all got gold medals. Evelyn is still so proud, as she should be!

Opening ceremonies

Evelyn's favorite, the trampoline and pit.

Evelyn's floor routine

Thanks for a wonderful 6 months Madison gymnastics! Now for a little break and on to dance!

Sisters II

This is Hannah's little goose egg. It's hard to see. The girls were playing chase and Evelyn caught Hannah and she fell strait onto a hard plastic princess dress-up shoe! She was a good sport about it and so was Evelyn. She felt bad, especially because it really was an accident. In the last picture you can tell it is pretty round. Hannah said "kitchen, bonk, run, sishta, ouch."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sisto' - as the Christensen cousins put it. I never thought the day would come, but I think it has. Our girls love eachother and enjoy eachother and play together! It's been so fun to see their relationship grow. Evelyn will sometimes say that Hannah has been sleeping too long at naptime and she's anxious to get her up. Hannah follows Evelyn around and is constantly mimicking her. She always says "Sishta, Roshies" which means she wants to play ring around the rosies with Evelyn. Fun!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh Boy! A Day with Evelyn Joy!

Ev-a-licious, Ev-e-Boo, Evelyn Joy...She is a very "present" girl as the primary president put it. She is full of life and wonder. She is a dancer, a singer, a storyteller, a sister, chef, helper, and amazing daughter! We love this sweet burst of life! Here are a few shots that Ben took of her the last little bit.

A Day at Play with Hannah May

Some weekends Ben checks out a fancy camera from the college and practices another one of his multitude of talentos. Hannah is so much fun. We wish you could hear her as her vocabulary increases by the hour it seems. She loves her sister and seeks her company. It is so wonderful to see her personality come out more and more as she shows us who she is.
Enjoy a few shots of Hannah!

(We know this one is fuzzy, but I still love how excited she is! She LOVES the carousel! "Hursh" she calls it, horse.)