Monday, November 16, 2009


As you can see, the girls got matching costumes. We like to stock up on costumes on Halloween for the dress up box. Anyway, Evelyn didn't know that Hannah had the same dress. We dressed Hannah up and sent her out to see Evelyn. She screamed! In her own words she describes the moment,"When Hannah came out, I just like screamed and I felt like there was a spring in my throat. I was so surprised!"
Hannah decided literally last minute that she wanted to be a witch. With a quick visit to the dress-up box, her wish was granted!
Our friends let us borrow a Darth Vader Costume for babies, it was really cute with a cape. Really, he just kind of looked like a baby in black with a black cape.

Arte de Evelyn

I've posted some of Evelyn's drawings before. I just love them. We have some in frames in our house. They are so imaginative and some are very funny.
This is Evelyn's "The End" picture. I think it looks like an opera singer. Very dramatic. She must not have been getting along with Hannah this day and decided to make Hannah like a sharp-toothed fish person.

She made this one a year ago, it says Mommy.

I love the jeweled crown on this one.

This is our family. See William down at the bottom?

This one just makes me laugh! It's something different every time I ask her. There are a thousand stories that could be told with this drawing!

The Queen.

This one SHOCKED me! It's a Spanish lady, but it says "'ole" at the top. I didn't tell her how to spell it and I didn't even know she knew that Spanish ladies said "'ole." She even put a little apostrophe by it.
I later looked in a book that Evelyn likes and there is a small picture of a Spanish dancer with 'ole written next to it. I believe that's where she got it.