Saturday, March 12, 2011


Carter is our brilliant, sweet, beautiful nephew. That of course makes him a cousin to our children and he happens to be Evelyn's favorite and best cousin (don't get me wrong you other dozen cousins! Evelyn LOVES and adores each one of her cousins more than anything, but there is no denying she and Carter have a special relationship). It may be that they are close in age or just that they are bosom buddies, but regardless the reason, when they are together they are the best of friends. Evelyn talks about Carter all of the time and asks me to drive her to where ever he is.

The last time we saw Carter was just a few months ago in Arizona. He was there for Evelyn's 6th birthday celebration. It was a princess party and he was the Knight. He valiantly defended the castle and princesses from the ferocious dragons.

Much has changed in a short few months, really a short few hours...Carter's family moved to Colorado (they were living in Arizona) and things are going beautifully, Carter loves his new Kindergarten, they love their neighborhood, ward, Bryan's new job,etc. There have been many tender mercies and blessings...and trials.

We very recently received word that Carter is in the hospital. He has been diagnosed with leukemia.

 Evelyn says, "I feel bad for Carter, he's my best friend."

We are grateful to hear the Doctors are very optimistic.

We feel helpless, we feel like we live a few too many hundreds of miles away.
 However helpless we may be or feel, we are and will be praying our hearts out, morning, noon, and night. We all wish we could be the one fighting the fight instead of this tender 5 year old boy. He has faced other dragons in his life with strength and courage, we know he can do the same with this dragon, even though it's a big one.
 We are cheering you on our brave knight! We love you!

(For more pictures of Carter and his family, this is their blog link)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A blog is born

Hey everyone. Ben here. First off, I'd like to offer a round of applause to my wife who does such an amazing job with the blog, all on her own. I know it can be hard to be the single-blogger (think single parent) in a relationship. So, on-behalf of myself and all of the other deadbeat dad bloggers, my hat's off to you, Jess.

Now, if you'll allow me to be a little ironic, I wanted to announce the birth of my new blog: Head over, check it out, leave a few comments, add me to your feedburner, etc.