Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where We're Headed

A few of you have commented asking where we are going. We are headed to Cedar City, again! Ben was hired to teach at SUU. We are renting this twin home. We are really looking forward to returning and also lamenting that we have to leave Rexburg. I cried when we left Cedar and I'll cry when we leave Rexburg, but who knows, maybe we'll return, we have a habit of doing that!
Thank you to Clover who found this place for us. It wasn't listed online, she drove around Cedar looking for the perfect place for us, sending us video after video... WE OWE YOU CLOVER!!
Thanks for your comments friends! We will be living in this abode by next week! CRAZY!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've been thinking the last few days about how this is probably the most dangerous time of life to be driving on the road because of cell phones; talking, texting and emailing.

Driving with a .08 alcohol blood level makes you 4 times more likely to get in an accident.
Statistics report that talking on the phone also makes you 4 times more likely to get in an accident.
Even worse, texting while driving makes you 8 times more likely to get in an accident.

This is serious folks. So many of these accidents are fatal. PLEASE don't text and drive.

See this for more info:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evelyn's Lost Tooth

This was our first of the 60 teeth our children have to lose! Evelyn pulled it out during Primary. Below is her version of the story. I was released from Primary last week, so I really don't know the real version (her version varies)!
One time in Primary, I lost a tooth. After I lost it I had bloody spit all over my hands. I felt excited. I thought "Whoa! I thought I was going to loose this tooth before we moved." The End.

Evelyn asked "Is the tooth fairy real or is it just you guys?" I told her we'd talk about it...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Evelyn's Art Show

Evelyn took a 4-week art class this summer. She had a fun time, I think what she liked best was getting to walk there herself. It was across the street.
She wanted to invite so many people to her final showing of her work. I told her we could make a video and put it on the blog, so here it is! Enjoy the art show!

Evelyn really likes Bill Nye the science guy. For Evelyn's self portrait, I think she really took to heart what Bill Nye taught on the Skin episode, that we all have brown skin, just different pigments of it. She is wearing blueberry lipstick (in the self-portrait).
I love her oil painting of under the sea. She also drew some sea monsters. She has a mosiac and some cartoon characters at the top. Good job Evelyn!