Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Little More...

We are happy to report that we are finally home sweet home from the hospital and enjoying life with a family of SIX! Seems like we just got married and here we are with 4 kids! It is heavenly. (PS~Some people can really rock those hospital gowns, I am well aware that I am not one of those people, but for the moment it's the only pic we have with all of us, but believe me, as soon as we get another one we'll remove the lovely hospital gown one! :))

Here is our sleepy little dreamsicle! 

The kids came up with the nickname "Henry IV" since he's the  fourth child . 

This was when the kids first met Henry. They were so patient! The delivery took a bit longer than we thought it would so they spent the day waiting and waiting and waiting. Will wasn't so sure what he thought at first but has certainly warmed up. He told Ben's mom after they got home from visiting, "Henry needs me!" 

Evelyn is SUCH a proud big sister and is always telling me, "MOM! You rest, you go ahead and rest and I'll take care of the baby!" She also has said "I just can't get Henry out of my mind!" and "Oh Henry, you are SO sweet, you are an angel, such a sweet little angel." 

Hannah giggles at Henry alot and really likes to observe him. She loves  moments alone with him and she can tell how much he likes her. 

We are a busy and happy bunch! We are forever grateful for Maureen (Ben's mom) who has spent a whole week with us . She has taken care of the kids and spent quality time with them. She really helped the kids get excited and ready for the babe and settled any fears or uncertainties that come with change. 
The Wyeth family boys are not out numbered anymore! 

Gotta love the Texas style breakfast!

We are so happy to have this little one join our family!

Hello world!
 It is so fun to see and hear all the kids giggling and enjoying the babe! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Henry

Henry, meet world. World, meet Henry Drew Wyeth.

He weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 ozs. and was a long 21 inches. Mom and baby are doing great. He's nursing like an old pro, she's enjoying the feeling snuggling a new little one and is starting to feel like she has her body back! Leave a comment for her! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Signs of Summer

Maybe it's because I have to go back to work tomorrow, after two glorious, long, paid months off, but I've become acutely aware of the many fun signs of summer around our house and I felt like sharing. Some of my favorites include:

The light dusting of freckles on Hannah's face that becomes more pronounced during the summer

She get's it from her mom (isn't she beautiful?!)

Evelyn's tan line (which will last through the entire winter... jealous, anyone?)

William's tan line (Jess made me crop out the rest, even though it was pretty cute!)

Baby time! Two weeks and counting. 
(Alright, technically this isn't strictly a summer thing, but it's definitely been a part of our life this summer!)

The shelf in our freezer that's dedicated to otter-pops, homemade peach pops, and scribblers, in that order.

The "swim bag" that comes with us on our near-daily exodus to the neighborhood pool (thus the tan lines)

So, even though I'm feeling a little sad that my stay-at-home summer is ending, I'm grateful for the time I've had and glad the summer isn't really over yet!

Thanks for looking! (And if you want to make Jessica's day, you should leave a comment!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

As of late...

...we are thoroughly enjoying this rare time that we have Ben all to ourselves. His contract with SUU was through June, but he was done teaching in early May so he's had TWO full months of paid time off. It has been heaven. He starts school on July 11, we will miss having him around so much. What a help he has been in everything and then some!
 I am 37 weeks along this week, the pic is of 36 weeks along. In my 37 week photo I resemble a mix between a pea-pod and a horse, so I posted the 36 week photo instead!
 We got a pass to the Austin Children's museum and have been enjoying it about once a week.
 Evelyn always goes strait to the Veterinarian station.
 Master chefs in the making!
 The bat cave. In Austin there is a bridge that is home to thousands of bats that leave each night to feed. The Children's museum has a spot under a bridge where you can pretend you are a bat.
 Human Pyramid! Still working on it!
 This is our little garden space. Ben has such a green thumb! Will LOVES to be outside and to help Ben water and look after our plants.
 As the due date approaches, I've been finding alot of this around the house. The kids took over the car seat and used it for their dolls.
More often than not, when we go to check on the kiddos, we find Hannah sleeping in Evelyn's bed. She says Evelyn tells her stories until they fall asleep. They have become better friends since the move and have spent alot of time together.

 William is so sweet! Ben's grandma calls him Sweet William after the flower, but he really is so so sweet.
 We have a frog that lives in the front yard! Probably the closest we'll get to having a pet unless anyone knows of any small animal that can live outside in a cage in 10000000000 degree weather.
 William is really digging the Wyeth summer reading program.
And of course, pig pile on Dad! We got a mattress out one day and the kids pretended it was a pool, complete with belly flops and all!

William belly flopped on top of everyone

Flying Kids by Ben

Overall, life is great and we have been blessed beyond measure in everything! Texas has been good to us, I'm just waiting for it to cool down!