Saturday, May 21, 2011

On Our Way...

This is officially our last week in Cedar City. It has been so good to us!

Ben and I went to Austin this last week and after three long days of scouring the city for the perfect place for us to live, we found it. It was nothing short of a miracle and we feel so blessed that we get to live in this nice home and nice neighborhood.

Things are all working out timing wise. We want to get there before traveling becomes a big concern for me and my big belly. I will be 32 weeks along when we move. That gives us around 8 weeks before the babe is born.

We are so grateful for ALL the help from friends and family. It is so hard for me to accept, but really is essential. I hate to leave feeling so much in debt to everyone who has helped us so much but I hope we can pay them back in some way...

That's all for now, the next update will probably be from the heart of Texas!

PS~If anyone knows of anyone trying to rent a twin home in Cedar City by June 1, please send them our way!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mommacita

There are so many wonderful things about my mom, here are a few:

-My mom is so pretty! She has beautiful eyes and dark hair. I’ve always thought she was a looker and if I got any good looks at all, I blame that on my mom (don't worry dad, you're handsome too)!

- My mom is a hard worker. When I was growing up, she helped my dad start a business and worked
full-time from home helping the business grow and stay on its feet. She also took care of me and my sister as well as somehow keeping an immaculate home and keeping our bellies fed. Now she works hard full-time learning new things as opportunities arise.

Me, My mom holding William and my nephew, Nicholas, and my sister, Becky

-My mom is very punctual. She is always early, even when it comes to sending things in the mail. I am still working on that one.
-My mom is brave. There have been things in her life that she certainly didn’t anticipate or ask for but she has taken on valiantly and with courage. She continues to face each new day with a positive attitude.

- I can always call my mom and she’ll always tell me things are okay. For example, if I have had a lazy day she’ll tell me its okay or if the house is a wreck and I tell her all about it, guess what? It’s okay! Sometimes I know that’s just what she’ll say and that’s just why I call!

-I think one of the most important things about my mom is that she has always supported who I am and who I wanted to be. She understood my need for independence and always granted it. I’ve always felt like there was nothing prohibiting me from becoming who I’ve wanted to be. This has been especially true with me joining the Church. My mom was there at my baptism, she came to Ricks College for my graduation, she diligently sent in a contribution to my bishop each month I was away on my mission, she was at the airport when I came home from my mission, and she came to Salt Lake when Ben and I were sealed in the Temple. While my mom may not embrace the beliefs I do, she has always embraced me and shown a courageous amount of support which has blessed me beyond measure.

- My mom is a wonderful grandmother. She has braved the cold to come to help with babies and take care of the older but still little ones. They have loved it so much. Hannah cried so hard when “Grammie Sally” had to leave when she came to help with William. Our kids all know they are loved by Grandma Sally and they ask often if we can go to Seattle to visit her.

I am so grateful for such a loving and gentle mother who has always loved unconditionally and given so much so her kiddos could be happy!

We love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!