Saturday, February 21, 2009

William Meets the Family

Evelyn and Hannah came up to the hospital yesterday. They were excited to meet their new little brother! He was excited to meet them too, of course!

Isn't she cute!
She sure loves little William!

Evelyn is such a great helper and a wonderful big sister!

We can't believe there are five of us now!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a Boy!

I've been trying all morning to get pictures up but the hospital wireless was too slow. So I ran home to pick up the girls to go meet their new baby brother so I thought I'd throw a few pictures up . William Benjamin (jess's ideas) Wyeth was born this morning at 6:39, weighing 8 lbs, 1 oz. and measuring 20 inches. Both baby and Mom are doing well and we'll post more pics soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

5 Years of BLISS

Once upon a time there was a girl who worked at a library. She met a young man who also worked at the library. When the girl saw the man, her heart would race, her palms would sweat - not only because of the man's handsome beauty, but because of his goodness. As she watched him her heart told her "It must needs be that this is a good seed." He was kind to all, to young, to old, to large and small, to the mean and to the nice. He was motivated, talented beyond measure, his standards kept high - moral virtue shining from his eyes. He was a walking vision of goodness.

The girl knew that she was no match for his greatness, but yet she pleaded with the heavens, "Oh, if I could but have one date, whatever it may be (preferably ice cream), that I may tell my children and my children's children that I knew Ben Wyeth..." Much to her fainting heart's delight, the next Friday the man named Ben approached the maiden named Jessica and asked her to parade with him the next day. She held herself back from squealing and screaming and fainting and shouting an "Hallelujah YES!!" and responded "Sure! That would be great!"

After an almost sleepless night in anticipation for her answered prayer, Jessica met Ben and they drove the Rexburg nursing home float in a Pioneer day parade. Ben picked out Jessica's favorite candy from the bag before he threw the rest to the excited children outside at the parade. Jessica tried to deny that that could have been a sign of affection. He was a nice guy after all. After a joyous, perfect, heavenly few hours they dropped off the float. Just when Jessica thought it was the end of her miraculous dream, it got even better. Ben asked if she was hungry! Of course! She had never been hungrier!

With a melted heart and stupefied mind, Jessica accompanied Ben to Me n' Stans. There they feasted.
It was there Jessica's heart was given away, never to be retrieved or sought after again. It was there Ben told Jessica he liked her. It was there Jessica's witness and testimony of miracles grew into the largest of all trees. It was there that Ben and Jessica began...

It is 5 years later and the man named Ben has proved himself even more than one could ever dream of. You may say to yourselves "never was there such a man" (except for your own husbands of course :) But I, Jessica, am a living witness, that oh yes, good men are on the earth. Men who love their wives and believe in strong marriages. I am the luckiest girl IN THE WORLD! Sure love ya Ben! Thanks for 5 years of heaven on earth!

Photo courtesty of Jennifer Wyeth Photography

Anniversary Date

Last week , we left the girls with an ever-too-kind Auntie and headed off into the sunset.
This was all a surprise for me (Jessica) I only knew we were going on a date, but I had no idea where! We started at Me n' Stans, it was the restaurant where we had our first date over 5 years ago! It was tasty!

I thought we were headed back to Rexburg when Ben pulled off the road and took us to this beautiful cabin. I had NO idea where we were or whose house we were at or what we were doing there Ben was laughing so hard. I didn't know what was going on! It wasn't until we got to the door and Ben had a key that I realized it was a bed and breakfast and that we weren't heading back to the 'burg that night after all!

We played a few games of pool. Ben's pretty darn good, but I must have had a little more practice in my day and won both times. Maybe Ben was just being nice.

In the morning a tasty and pretty breakfast was served with wild birds looking in from outside.

Doesn't it just look like a dream?! Thanks Ben for a HUGE surprise anniversary date! AND thank you Nellie (and Amanda) for watching the girlies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January Happenings

Here's a little recap on things that have happened in January, besides what has already been posted:

Hannah has a new friend, a shrimp that lives on her hand. It's her finger in the shape of a hook, or more appropriately, a shrimp. She likes to take it places with her and give other "shrimp" kisses.

We had to say "so long for now" to Jon and Nicole :( But we are so excited for them in their new adventures.
Even though Jon and Nicole don't live in Rexburg anymore, Evelyn still asks every other day if we can go to their apartment for a few minutes to see them and baby Olivia.

Olivia's blessing day.
Hannah after a day or so of Braided pig tails.
Getting HUGE!
We celebrated Chinese New Year by eating out and making lanterns.
Pretty snazzy snowman made by Ben and Evelyn.
Hannah got a big bed!