Thursday, May 31, 2012


Fooschnick - [foo sh nick] verb, fooschnicking, to fooshnick noun, a fooshnick
term penned in 1996 by high school friend, Owen Gilbert. 

1. to flirt, to court trifingly or act amorously; to try to attract the attention and admiration of a crush.

Ex. Did you see that swimmer trying to fooschnick with the lifeguard? 

1. A person who is given to fooschnickin'. 

Ex. Oh, you were just with Billy? He is such a fooschnicker! 

Now that we have that settled, Ben and I went on a date Tues. to dinner and to see Les Mes.  We ate at Mama Fu's Chinese. Needless to say, there was some fooschnickin' going on at Mama Fu's. Ben is so dreamy. I swoon at the sight of him constantly.  I love that he took me to Les Mes and that we both had tears that streamed down our faces when Fantine died. The music was beautiful and it was so enjoyable to go with my main eternal squeeze. I'm so grateful he is mine and I am his. Happy to be fooschnickin' forever! 

Who Needs TV?

Who needs t.v. when you have your very own window slimer? Perfect summer entertainment.

(Our favorite moments are around 43 seconds and 58 seconds)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Movin' On!

Our week has been filled with awards, field trips and parties. We can hardly believe that Hannah will be moving on to all day Kinder :( and Evelyn to 2nd grade! 

Hannah at her pre-K awards. Not a good pic but a way to remember.

Evelyn earned 1st place in 1st grade reading. You go girl! 

This is Evelyn with her class. She is last in line so she can help turn off the lights and close the doors. 

Evelyn in her classmates with her BFF's. 

Mrs. Stein. The perfect teacher for Evelyn for this year. She was wonderful! 

Will at Hannah's field day with a shark shooter

The water table at Pre-K field day. It was Will's favorite

Henry was so patient getting wheeled around. 

Hannah and Ms. Carrie

Ms. Birchall. Hannah's teacher who has been teaching for 17 years! She was awesome!

Will is the man! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Goings on of the Week

My new goal is to try to post just a little once a week about what's been happening here. You will probably just get basic snapshots and little ditties, but at least something is better than nothing! 

This little salamander was on our porch! We have lots of movement  from little critters on our front porch in the night. Mostly geckos eating spiders which I am very okay with. 

I love it when Evelyn reads stories to the troops.

A very tuckered out baby after his first trip to the pool.

My birthday was this week! We had ice cream cake, I got my  annual Bonzai Burger, a trip to Hobby Lobby, THREE hours to myself at home, and so much more! It was a spectacular day! 

Henry enjoying the festivities

Each of the kiddos got to pick out a present for me from the dollar store. Will picked out this cucumber candle. 

Next is a little clip of Henry, he gets a little slap happy sometimes. He is such a joy and the kind of baby that makes you understand why some people just keep on havin' babies!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family in Texas!

My mom, sister, and nephew decided to ditch the Seattle rain and come for a visit to the Texas rain! We were so thrilled to have them here for a few days and had a marvelous time! My house hasn't been so clean in a while having these helping ladies around! We played, laughed, cleaned, visited, shopped and crashed each night. What a treat to have them visit, thank you so much! 

Henry and Grandma Sally met for the first time, needless to say, it was a match made in heaven! 

Henry LOVES his Grandma! 

And it's pretty clear Grandma loves her Henry! Aunt Becky has a soft spot for him too and vice versa. 

Nick had a chance to hold the babe as well. 

These boys really liked the morning hours when the girls were at school. Here they are playing "Daddies" and talking in really deep voices as they make food.

Nick made himself comfortable here. 

Grandma playing flower shop with the boys

Becky playing pastry cafe with the girls. Becky bought these shops for the girls for Christmas and they've been a hit! 

Super cousins in their tractor shirts

Good buddies! 

My mom with all her grandkiddos! Please excuse the smudgy top part of the picture.  I just found a video that Evelyn made of the inside of Henry's mouth. Hence the smudgy lens. Sigh. 

What's a trip to Austin without a ride on the Zilker Park Train? I like the monkey in the 3rd row. 

He was sitting with Ben. Enough said. 

My momma and her girls. Thanks again ladies, it sure was great! 

Evelyn's Talk

On Mother's Day at church, some of the youth are asked to speak about their mothers. Evelyn was asked to speak and this is her talk, she wrote it on her own while Ben typed it.
Good job Ev! Love you! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Here are a few pics from this last Sunday, we love the relaxing-family-togetherness-playing-outside-before-it's-too-roasty-toasty kind of Sundays. 

The girls before Church (it was a DI dress kind of Sunday :) 

Evelyn is so proud of her twirls. She is going to wear this dress for the school talent show so she can twirl. 

After church bubble lid nibbling

She grew teeth!

"Why hello? Did you say handsome? That is my middle name." 

Getting dirty

Will has been just a little grumpy lately, can you tell?

At least he still smiles...sometimes.

I asked Hannah the other day, "Hannah, do you ever get grumpy? "
Her reply, "No." 

Mayfield Park

In February we had our pictures taken at this great park in Austin. There are peacocks everywhere (except for in my pictures of course!) and a great little hiking trail. We had a chance last Friday to explore before it gets too hot here. 
The girls were playing Girl Scouts

Will insisted on pushing Henry

I loved the stairs, reminded me of Washington

Evelyn was scared and about to hop down in this pic, but here are  our 4 little monkeys

Fun river crossing

In a cave