Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bubbles in the SPRING!!

It's officially SPRING! We have been loving being able to go outside again. William likes to go outside too.

Hannah is William's faithful friend.
Evelyn and Hannah were chasing the bubbles screaming "GLENDA!!" Can't you see Wizard of Oz Glenda inside? Well, they could!
This is the face Hannah makes when we say "Don't smile!"
One of the fun parts of being outside is just getting dirty! Hannah has oreo on her face.
Loving the great outdoors.
He's already 1 month old!

Evelyn pondering the rules of baseball.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Chillins'

Here are a few recent pics of our little ones:

I really should pay more attention to Hannah's hair! Ben took the girls to the park the other day and stopped to take a few shots of them. This isn't the best picture of Hannah, but I felt guilty not including her :)
As you can see, Evelyn really got into the photo shoot! Isn't this a great backdrop for photos?!
This is our little papoose. Everyone has their quirks about how they put there babies to sleep (at least I think we all do). William seems to enjoy being zipped up in this car seat jacket thing (thank you to the Frehners!)

Nellie came over the other day and took a few pics of our little growing man. She did a great job. We took him for a check up last week and he's already gained two and a half pounds!
We sure like this little man!
Gotta love the new born cross-eyes!
Evelyn thought it would be so great if I took a picture of them sleeping. She did a good job pretending. It's probably a great imitation of what I look like at 3am!

The Park

Do you know what these next two pictures mean?!?! Rexburg is thawing out! People are emerging from their winter hibernation! We can see some GREEN! HOORAY!
Look at all that MELTING snow! I love the winters, but part of my love for them comes because of how sweet they make the spring.

Ben took Evelyn and Hannah to the park the other day. It was still pretty cold, in the 40's, but no one cared.
Evelyn was feeling so confident in her emergence from the home that she was sure she had mastered the monkey bars in her wintertime day dreaming. She hung on the first bar, called to Ben to watch and in her swing from the first to second bar her hands slid and she fell FLAT on her bum.

She sat and cried and cried and then just came home. Poor girl.We thought she might be hurting for a couple of days, but she was okay the next morning. Just as a side note, Ben had to stay close to Hannah who was high on the big toy, so that's the only reason why Evelyn is all alone. We gave her lots of attention and cuddles and even a little Tylenol for her aching bumarooney.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank you Grammie!

Ben's mom was able to come the day after my mom left. It was so nice to not have to be on our own yet. She did so much for us, we're grateful for the time spent, the memories made, and all the meals! Thank you Grammie!

We all know that Grammie really came to get her hands on this little grandchild #8. They were very happy to get reacquainted.

Cheesy but sweet moments with Grammie, Ben and William.
Grammie and Nellie catching a few zzz's while they could.

This was a life saver the morning Grammie left. She got the girls polly pockets. A great distraction for the girls the day all the Grammies were gone and I was on my own!

Thank you "Grammie Sally!"

My Mom was able to come and stay and help for a whole week! It was such a blessing for all of us. I was able to rest and get better, the girls had lots of attention from Grandma, and our house was so clean! THANKS MOM!
William sure liked Grandma Sally!
Evelyn was thrilled that she and Grandma were matching!
Hannah called my mom "Grammie Sally"
The girls did a little pose
All 3 of our little people!