Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Adventures

Sorry all, we've been neglecting the blog.

Here is a little update of what we have been doing in August:

Spray Park, Spray Park, and more Spray Park
First Annual Wyeth Family Kid's Day
~Since Father's Day and Mother's Day, Evelyn has been waiting and waiting for Kid's day. She was sure it had to exist, so we made it exist (but we have found it is a true holiday in many countries including Turkey and Mexico).
Enjoying Ben's summer schedule
Riding Bikes
Enjoying friends and Rexburg family
Jessica has been working on growing a baby
Ben has been doing all the dishes and laundry :)

The girls relaxing together. They've been enjoying eachother's company more and more lately. That's a relief!
Hannah loves the Spray Park as long as she can bring a cup!

Evelyn loves the slide!
We're not really sure about this one! Ben asked her to pose for the camera, and she sure did! Pretty fancy!

Friday, August 8, 2008


We had such a wonderful time our three days in Texas. Somehow, I didn't get any pictures of the most important reason we went there: to see Grandma and Grandad Wyeth. However, Jen did take some pics of them which I am grateful for.
So it was a grand Wyeth family reunion. I believe people came from California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Arkansas to be there. There were about 40 people. It was so nice for me to meet those I hadn't met yet.
Here is a brief summary of what we did:
Travel, Travel, Travel
Rexburg is a long ways from Corpus Christi, Texas. We were so lucky to be able to break up the trip with a few days in AZ on our way there. AND we got to travel with family all of the way. The girls were incredibly patient and super troopers.
In this picture Evelyn had an ephinany: "If I be gentle then Hannah wants to sit with me!" Finally! Evelyn's never understood why Hannah doesn't like to be in close proximity to Evelyn.
Lots of reading in the air, at the airports and as we traveled. For some of you Meyer fans, you'll notice what Ben and Nellie are reading. They got those at a midnight trip to Walmart in Corpus :)

Not the clearest picture, but Addilyn loved riding with Grammie and Grandad. All of us Wyeths and Woolley took up 4 airplane rows!

You feeling okay Nellie? :)
What a trooper!
These girls were so good.
Texas State Aquarium
We got to watch a dolphin show at the aquarium. Carter and Jen found the "blue" area where the dolphins made a big splash! Everyone loved it!
Nicole and Blake. Blake wasn't sure what was more exciting, the dolphins or the crowd!

Hannah with Grammie. I think Hannah had a good time, I wasn't sure where she was half the time. Every time I found her someone different had her and was showing her the fish. I think Nicole had her most the time. Hannah tried to tickle the fish through the glass.

Ben loves sea creatures!

The Beach

Ben Wyeth, handsome man of the sea. Some how Ben and I forgot to take pictures of each other during the trip. So we don't have much. But here's handsome man anyway after he and all the boys helped push 2 or 3 vehicles out of the sand.
I was scared to go as far out into the ocean as everyone else was, but Ben convinced me and I had such a good time! It was a fun day!

Evelyn loved the beach! Here she is with Aunt Noelle.
Before she got to the beach she was sure she wasn't going to go in the water (kind of like me) but once she got her feet wet, she couldn't get enough!

Hannah tolerated the water, but I think she enjoyed the sand much more. Here she is with Noelle.

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of Evelyn and Carter. When I asked Evelyn what her favorite part of the beach was she said, "Running and screaming from the waves with Carter." They had so much fun!

I put this one in because off in the distance you can see two little heads. That is Grandad taking Hannah out to sea. I thought it was cute. I think the third one way out there is Bryan.

There were so many more good times than the camera can tell, but thanks for looking and thanks everyone for a fun and memorable trip!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Where do I start? ....

We had a magnificent time for 5 days in Arizona. Yes, it was very hot outside, but I sure enjoyed the air conditioning inside. That is a luxury that we don't have here in Rexburg. I guess I can't complain, summer is only about 3 months long here.

Evelyn and Hannah LOVED being around their aunties, Grammie and Grandad, GG and especially their cousins, Carter and Addilyn. Evelyn has been talking about Carter everyday since we've been home. She was very upset when we left Texas and she found out we were going back to Rexburg and not Arizona.

One of the nice things about the trip was that we didn't have much planned other than to just be together. We got some wonderful quality time with family.

Evelyn always convinced Carter to play dress up with her. Before lunch, they would wait for the grand entrance call: "Welcoming Princess Evelyn and King Carter!"

Evelyn and Hannah LOVED LOVED LOVED the time Grammie spent with them before bed reading stories.

Ben enjoying family time.

This was funny. It was SO hot outside. So hot that their little feet got burnt on the trampoline without the blanket. They were having an involved conversation. Carter was so sweet to just wait until Evelyn thought she was done frying.

GG and Grammie watching the swimmers.

Grandad always enjoys a good dip in the pool.

Evelyn is part fish.

And Hannah part frog.

I had fun on the whale with Evelyn.

We're Back!

Hey there family and friends!
Sorry about the huge absence from the blogosphere! As you can see from the baby countdown, we are expecting our third child and I have not been feeling super peachy. I think the nausea is wearing off and I'm feeling like I might start feeling better soon.
Other than that we have been enjoying Ben's summer schedule. He only works in the morning. We are loving having him home more.
We just got back from a very fun trip to Arizona and Texas, of course there will be more to come on that.
I'll be posting pics soon!