Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Thus Far...

Hey all! Here's a little glimpse of the kiddos for those hither and yon, they sure are growing! 
 The girls got to wear their jammies to school. I think this picture is "Give a yell if you have monkeys on your jammies!" Hannah's not so much a yeller. But the monkeys are there.
 Waiting for Manor Fest parade.
 Saturday General Conference, the kids are so awesome! Thanks for the packets Grammie! 
 He is cool. There is nothing else to say. 
 Sweet Evelyn beauty with her doll, Sandy, and her dress handcrafted by Evelyn (a skirt with belt)
 Hannah thought this was a pretty clever shot. I have to agree. 
 Love the bed head. His 1st haircut has got to come soon, but for now, it can stay and melt my heart. 
 Oh Henry! 
This is what a school morning looks like at our house. Ben literally pulls the girls out of bed at 6:30am where they burrow until breakfast is ready. They have to be at school by 7:30am. I wish it were 8:30, I think we all do!