Monday, December 10, 2007

So special!

I thought these were a couple of...well.. special pictures of Ben and Evelyn. This was at the Children's festival. We told Evelyn that there were going to be princesses there and so she desperately wanted to go as Sleeping Beauty. The "real" Sleeping Beauty had already gone home for the evening so Evelyn filled in. She was a little star-struck and hardly smiled but deep down she was thrilled!

And this is Ben.
Ben placed Hannah like this after a bath and she stayed there for a loooooooooong time!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Evelyn's Ballerina Show

This was done in November I believe, but I just looked at it tonight and it's kinda funny (especially for Grandmas and Aunties). The other girl in the movie is our neighbor who comes to our house every once in a while. Enjoy the ballerina show!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home

This is the home that we will be living in while we are in Rexburg. We are very excited. Jon and Nicole went and took pictures for us.
Backyard 2
Living room

We are looking forward to our first time in a house! The owner is beyond nice and has been very accommodating to us. Rexburg, here we come!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December!

This December morning welcomed us with snow! We enjoyed it until our cheeks, noses and fingers were as red as they could get!
Hannah cheered us on!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Family Photos

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving Break. This is the whole Wyeth clan minus Bradley who is serving a mission in Canada. Mucho cheers for Ben's mom who did all the clothes and coordinating! What a great family! This is Evelyn and her cousin Carter. They have a great time together!
We love this picture of the girls! The photographer did a great job. Her link is here if you are wanting to look at her work:
Thankyou Wyeth family for some great memories over this last thanksgiving break!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back to the Berg!

So... if you haven't already heard the news, I got a job up at BYU-Idaho as a 1-year faculty member in the Communication Department. Jessica and I are pretty excited to head back up to our old stompin grounds for a year. We're especially excited to be close to Jon and Nicole again. Not to mention our thrill at getting to work for one of the truly great learning institutions of our time! We're not thrilled about the weather, but we've dealt with it before so we figure we can handle it. Look out Rexburg, here we come!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Update

This is what 75 pounds of pumpkin looks like, Ben and Evelyn had a date and picked them out.
Ben made a W bat, I had a winking round lady, Evelyn a generic jack-o-lantern and Hannah's had 2 teeth, just like her.
Okay, okay, we could have put a little more effort into this. She wanted to be something different each of the 30 days leading up to Halloween. It wasn't until Halloween dinner that she finally decided that she would be Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Luckily we have an extensive collection of dress-ups, but our pink crown was broken. So here we present the smiling-purple-fuzzy-tiarra-wearing-wand-carrying-tennis-shoe-wearing Aurora (We thought the calf-high tube socks were a nice touch). AND it's chilly here so she wore a coat on top of everything. BEAT THAT YA'LL!
Fairy Princess Hannah (She had pants, green socks and a coat and blanket and no wings by the time we went trick-or-treating but she sure looked cute for a few minutes!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Visit to Grammie's and Grandad's

When we were thinking about what to do for Evelyn's birthday, we thought about what she likes to do and where she likes to go and Grammie and Grandad Wyeth's home is definately at the top (Don't worry Seattle family, she LOVES to go there too!). We decided to take her to Grammie's for her birthday weekend and we all had a wonderful time! Like my friend Cherie says "your Mama Wyeth can sure throw a party!" We appreciate so much the party and all the visits! Thankyou so much everyone!
It is a 7 to 17 hour drive to Gilbert from our house depending on circumstances, but this trip was amazing. We didn't have a single tear shed and driving time was only about 7 hours. We left early and zipped our way down. For the first 2 hours before she fell asleep, Evelyn was constantly saying "Grammie, we're coming! Do you see Grammie's house yet?"

This was at her party, Evelyn got so many wonderful gifts! Thankyou!
Contemplating her blessings. I just wanted to show Jen, Grammie, Nellie and Addilyn in the background. Grandad was there too, Evelyn loved to see him there. Thanks for being there everyone!
Is that the wicked witch of the east?
WHAT A CAKE!! Go Grammie! She spent so much time working on this cake even though she wasn't feeling well at all. It turned out darling and dreamy! I don't know if she'll ever have another one like it. This picture was taken before Ben accidently sat on it :) Grammie patched it up though.
After her party, she went down for a nap and said to me "Mom, I'm not 2 1/2 anymore, now I'm 3!"
I think Evelyn's favorite thing was the time she got to spend talking and visiting with everyone, especially Grammie and G.G. She is still telling me about the things that Grammie taught her, she says "Remember Grammie taught me that if we put money in our mouth we get sick and it's yucky."
Hannah really enjoyed her time with Grammie too!
They even napped together! Evelyn is on the giant beanbag and poor Grammie was under the weather.
She even slept in Nellie and Noelle's bed. I'm not sure how they could've slept, but Evelyn was pretty glad!
She was so tired the next 2 days after we came home. Thankyou so much everyone for letting us come and having you throw a party for Evelyn :)

Evelyn Through the Years

Evelyn turned 3 on the 23rd, I thought it would be fun to have just one picture from each birthday. (Does anyone have a smiling picture of Evelyn from this last weekend in AZ?)
Evelyn's 2nd B-day
First birthday with Nicole
Her day of birth!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We're gonna bowwwwl!

Hannah cheered us all on

We took Evelyn and Hannah bowling for the first time. Hannah had a great time crawling around and Evelyn was quite the bowler and cheerleader! We had to work hard to keep up with her or even ahead of her!

Ben wanted me to make sure that I wrote that Evelyn chose her outfit. We had cute halloween pants, but she insisted on the pink skirt. It was kinda cute with the bowling shoes though!

We all had a great time!

Hippos go Berserk!

The title is from a book by Sandra Boynton that Evelyn likes right now. Here are a few recent pics of the girls...
Hannah has fun living life, even if she's just eating corn!

This was funny, Hannah was chewing on a glitter pen and when Ben saw her he gave her a New Jersey accent and talked for her for a while.
Evelyn enjoying conference
Hannah knowing where to find the goodies during conference
Hannah watching conference yoga style
The girls love to talk to who ever may be at the park. Hannah especially goes outside and says "Hi." If Evelyn sees people outside, she'll tell them all about anything and talk for awhile, it's cute.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Giggling Girlies

Evelyn was blowing a play strawberry out of her mouth and it was really making Hannah laugh! We had a good time! Jessica was sick, so that's why she was in her pajamas.

Silly Hannah

Hannah had so much fun chasing this little diamond!

Some October Moments

Here Evelyn and Jocalyn were taking the sunflower seeds out of a sunflower. It was fun!

Sisters! Evelyn and Hannah are having more and more fun together. It's fun to watch. The other day Hannah chased after Evelyn's legs and caught her (Evelyn didn't know she was being chased) and planted a big kiss on her ankles!

I found the girls having a picnic on the floor

Evelyn came out of her room after a nap wearing this. It's actually Hannah's dress. It was funny!

A Visit from "Attle"

I wasn't paying attention to order when I posted these pics. Oh well, it will be a little jumbled!
We had a visit from my mom and sister who came all the way from Seattle! Once when we were going to Seattle, Evelyn was sure that we were going to "See Attle" She talked as if Attle were an aunt or something :)

We had a great time with my mom and sister. Unfortunately, the morning after they arrived, Evelyn woke up with a nasty stomach bug. Needless to say, we stayed close to home, but we still enjoyed our time together.

Thanks for coming ladies!
Becky and Jessica at Cedar Breaks
Mom and Becky at Cedar Breaks (it was windy!!)

Jess and Mom at Cedar Breaks

Ben wasn't so sure of the fun spider cake Mom and Becky brought home from the store!
Grandma and the girls
When Hannah sits on this chair she says "wheeeeeeeee" in a high pitched voice!
Sick sick sick. Evelyn and her bucket.
She wasn't feeling so well, but was a trooper anyway.

This was the first night, before Evelyn was sick. She loves her Aunt Becky and Grandma Sally!