Monday, December 8, 2008

December Happenings

Happy December all! We were anxious to get our Christmas decorations up this year, we started the day after we got home from Seattle. Ben put the outside lights up this weekend, and good thing he did because we woke up to some snow this morning! (Pics of lights and snow to follow)

Here are a few of the goings on here in the Wyeth household:

We had a ward Christmas party. Ben got to play the part of a Roman Centurion. As you can tell, he really got into it!
The primary kids sang a little number.
Here is ambidextrous Hannah coloring her Christmas swirls.
This was Evelyn's last day of the BYU-I preschool. Too bad it's just one semester long, we loved it!
I thought Hannah looked so grown up in this picture, that's why I posted it too.
My mom and sister got us this gingerbread house kit. It looked pretty plain until Ben decided he did not want to waste all the extra green frosting, so he spiced it up a bit and made it a "swamp house." I think we're ready for this little brother!
Evelyn's a little embarrassed, but Hannah is pleased with our hard work!