Sunday, October 16, 2011


 The kids are I were "storm chasing" the other day. We saw a beautiful dark thunderhead and went after it in the hopes of being rained on. We were never successful, but in the process we found this fun ghost town. We brought Ben back a few days later and enjoyed a spooky evening together.
Ben often enjoyed Dunkin' Doughnuts' munchkins as a child and jumped at the opportunity to share that delight with our kids. "We're going to the ghost town tonight? Perfect! I'll bring munchkins!" What a good dad!

Jail birds

Hannah is never afraid of bugs. Here she is holding a grasshopper she caught. She carried it around for a good long while.
Such a sweet little thing. She sure is growing up! Almost 5! 

Here is our almost 7 year old! 

We can't forget Don Juan! 

Me and Hanky Panky


And a cherry on top: here is Henry enjoying the company of his monkey blanket. SUCH a sweet baby he is! 

A Date!

We were so grateful when some friends recently asked if we would be interested in having a date swap. We babysit their kids for their date and vice-versa. Heaven! We decided to tour Austin by kayak. We had such a fun time! 
The "smolder"

What a dream boat! 

Austin skyline in back

  Poor Ben's legs were  completely asleep after our adventure. He wanted me to distract the kayak attendant so she wouldn't see him hobble out of the boat! 

We saw a whole lotta birds!

We grabbed a burger, fries, lemonade and milkshake and got our  kiddos who were disappointed to see us "already."  So glad for some time together and some friends who helped make it possible! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

What can I say?

Life is so fun with a Henry and a Ben around!