Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Joy

We really do have such a good life. We find joy in so many things. Ben and I find joy in each other, we love what we do and how we spend our days. We find joy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is because of the Gospel we have the life we do. We find joy in service, discovering talents, in family history, in cooking, gardening, reading, learning, being alive...One of our greatest joys, one that makes our cup run over and our heart smile is our children.
Oh they are wonderful little beings! They are giants in little bodies. They are funny, they are wise, they are kind, they have keen minds and they have a childhood that I pray they will look back on with fondness. We are so grateful to be parents and so grateful for these precious little ones.

Hannah is a HOOT!!!

Oh Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! I don't know if it's because she is just constantly overshadowed by her older sister who just happens to be THE Fancy Nancy, but Hannah has decided to be a boy. Today I walked through the kitchen many times and Hannah was coloring with markers by herself so sweetly at the table. Well, one time I walked through and found Hannah with the following face. She was "putting on a boy face." I think it was intended to be a moustache. The bad thing is that I'm pretty sure it's staying for a few days, I have scrubbed and scrubbed (as much as you can scrub delicate 3-year old skin). The good thing is that we shouldn't have to leave the house for a day or two...or three.
If you look closely, the front of Hannah's shirt is wet. She has developed a habit of chewing and sucking on her shirt. The thought of doing that and the cloth rubbing and squeaking against my teeth gives me the heebie-geebies. Rumor has it that one of her parents, I'm not naming names, but it's not me (Jessica) had a habit of doing this when he was young. It must be in her genetic makeup.
This is Hannah after she decided she was a drummer. She doesn't do it for attention. She would be doing this whether or not we noticed or took her picture. Hannah is always doing SILLY things!
Hannah headed up this "operation swim"

And this one too. They didn't get water this time, but they did think it was so fun to play in the cold bathtub.

After church one Sunday we asked Hannah what she learned about. She said "Jesus." We asked what Jesus did and she said "He woved his widdle ones."

A different Sunday we asked what she learned about and she said, "Joseph Smith." We asked what he did. She said "He got colored." Sure enough she had colored a color page of Joseph Smith. She colored him blue.

One day Hannah and I were in the van to pick up Evelyn from preschool. We were about 10 minutes early so I drove her up to the temple to look at it. We parked outside for a minute. I asked, "Hannah, what do you feel inside while we are here at the temple?"
She thought and considered the question. Then she answered "My hot chwockolate"

(For those of you who have not been to or near an LDS temple, there is a great feeling of peace around it if you take time to feel.)

Hannah, we adore you!

Wibble Wobble William

William has recently acquired the nickname "Wibble Wobble William" because he is trying to walk. After the girls go to bed Ben and I sit across from each other and have William walk from one person to the other. It makes all of us laugh because William is so thrilled to be up on two feet that he just explodes with a leap and plunges with a face plant into the ground. He does it again and again! I'll have to post a video soon...
Here are a few pictures of the little one that makes Evelyn say "It sure is so cute and funny to have a little brother."
Ready for Church

He's not a hard one to bathe! He loves the bath.

The other day I peeked around the corner and saw William's head. He LOVES this blanket! Anytime he even thinks about touching it, he's almost asleep. We've tried blankets that are a little more manly, but time and time again, he chooses this one!

Wishing it was nap time.

Alien man

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Dance and a Little Fall

Evelyn said to me today, "Do you know why I am such a good dancer?"
I asked, "Why?"
"Because Heavenly Father made me that way."
And away she danced.

Watch Hannah as she comes into the screen on the right. She responds to her fall in her Eric voice "I'm fine."
I really do have a good life. A very good life!

Meet Eric

Just the other day, out of the blue, Hannah decided she was Eric. She discovered this manly deep voice inside of her and was making us all laugh so much! She told Evelyn that she could find Eric in the boy section. I tried to get "him" to say it in the video, but it just wasn't the same as the first time. Evelyn decided to be Janelle in this video. Janelle is a new addition to imaginary people in our house. They were swimming in the crib while I was making dinner.