Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in Seattle

Brace yourselves folks, this is a long one!
We rented a mini-van, borrowed our friends' dual screen DVD player and GPS, and headed to Seattle, WA to see my family. It's about 750 miles. With 2 2-hour stops, we made it in about 16 hours. The girls were fantastic. We were all sooooo glad to get to Seattle. A good and long-time friend of mine helped us get a phenomenal deal on a hotel. The first night we were there my mom came and watched the girls swim.
It was a packed trip with many very important things happening. As you'll see, we were there for a very special day:

My sister, Becky, gave birth to Nicholas Andrew on Tues morning. What a blessing that we got to be there for that!

One proud Grandma!

Evelyn could not get enough of baby Nicholas, she adored him! I think she'll really like having a baby brother.

The girls were so happy they got to hold him.

Hannah was thrilled. She kept laughing and saying "he tickle me!" He was touching her arm with his hand.

Another important event: We got to say goodbye to my sweet almost 95 year old Grandma, Alma Emmaline Jacobsen. She didn't pass away while we were there, but a month ago we sure didn't think we'd get to see her before she does move on.
We were so happy to get to see her and I know she was too. We visited her as much as we could.
Next, this is one of my greatest friends, Sunny. She has lived in Virgina and Sweden for the last many years. This is the first time I saw her in about 3 years. She was driving to her in-laws for thanksgiving and our hotel was on the way. What a treat! What beautiful children she has!

We had a nice visit and delicious dinner with the Vassaus. They were one of the two families that shared the Gospel with me. They have done so much for me. We had a delicious sandwich platter prepared for us by Chalonn. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of our visit with the Redds. London and Hannah were in the other room and I thought it sounded pretty quiet. I went to check on them and found that London was helping Hannah use the potty (Hannah doesn't use the potty). She had taken off her pants and diaper and Hannah was sitting with her feet, arms, and head sticking out of the bowl with her bum in the water and as happy as could be!
These are three girls that I have known since first grade, Jacqui, Laura, and Becky. What great girls!
My mom and sister threw me a little family baby shower. My dad and his wife, Karla, were able to come.
This is me and my sister 2 days before she had the baby.
The Cousins!

Hannah was sure the gifts were for her. She insisted on putting on some of the clothes.
Evelyn was a good helper.

Really, two people should not be getting that many gifts for one person. My mom and sister spoiled me and the babe.

This was thanksgiving day. We had a wonderful dinner of turkey, ham, rolls, beans, potatoes, glunk (family fav and tradition), stuffing, and MORE!My mom's boyfriend, David, did most of the cooking. Something compelled him to buy a 22-lb turkey for 4 adults and 2 kids! Needless to say, we came back to Rexburg with leftovers!

It was a full and wonderful trip. All of us are exhausted and so grateful for all that we were able to be there for and all the people we were able to see! Thank you everyone for a wonderful and memorable trip!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Brother and Randomness

Evelyn drew this picture of her future little brother. She's pretty excited for him to get here!
We can't rememberwhere we got this sticker from, but it made us laugh when we read it. Seriously... what is this supposed to mean?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Kitty Footage

Here is another video of Hannah being a cat. This is a pretty good slice of what it's like during dinner at our house... coaxing Hannah to eat, doing damage containment with Evelyn, reminding both girls to sit on their bottoms... over and over and over again.

Fall at BYU-Idaho

We've had a very late fall this year in Rexburg. Here we are in mid-November and we're still enjoying 50 degree weather! We know the snow will come soon enough so we're enjoying it while we can! Here are a few pics from campus.

A rainy-day view near Ben's office.
Not sure what these are, but they're all over campus... choke-cherries maybe?

Lot's of leaves on the ground

Despite the season, lots of plants are still green and thriving

Lots of pretty colors

Grass and Fall leaves

More berries

New growth, old growth

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cats, cats, cats

A funny thing is happening in our house. Our children are convinced they are cats. Ben, Evelyn and I are all allergic to cats. We really don't even like them. However, Hannah especially spends probably 1/4 of her day meowing and crawling around and letting Evelyn treat her like a cat (as you'll see in this video)

Here is Evelyn in her cat box preteding to be a cat.

Here is Hannah with her cat face. Thanks mom for the box! This is what she used to send Evelyn's birthday presents, which were a huge hit, but this box has been a definate winner with our girls! They play all day in it!

Here are some other random recent pics:

The girls love to color, draw, paint, color, draw, paint, color, draw, get the picture. Evelyn is being a bride, of course.

We were washing Evelyn's hair in the sink and she got a piece of her halloween candy. She was happy about that.

I just thought Hannah's pig tails were cute.

Ben and the girls enjoying some rain after church.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a very fun Halloween this year. We started with a fun Family Home Evening joined with Jon and Nicole. Theirs is the pumpkin in the middle (Thanks Grandma Chris for the props!) Evelyn wanted a vampire pumpkin.

Halloween morning Ben made us some tasty and very cute pumpkin pancakes. I foresee this being a family tradition.
After a day playing with friends, it was time for costumes! Evelyn was very excited to be a nice witch and Hannah was a candy corn.
Jon and Nicole stopped by to see the girls. We love living by family!
We just went around our block one time. Then we stopped by Aaron and Michelle's and last but not least we said "hello" to Aunt Nellie. The girls were excited to show off their costumes to her. On the way to Nellie's, the girls were holding their bags and had a few pieces of candy. They were bouncing off the walls and jumping A LOT when we got home! It was funny! However, when we put them in their beds they went right to sleep!

This is BEFORE she got some candy! Can you imagine after?!
Side note: When we first gave Evelyn the broom, she didn't want it. She thought it would really fly!