Monday, April 18, 2016

April 2016 Hail Storms

Storm Two

Storm one is posted below. For storm two, we received severe thunderstorm warnings. We watched the sky get darker...

and darker....
and even a little green...

Yet, those first three pictures were taken from where I was standing in this picture facing out. This one Evelyn took from where she was sitting in the first picture. Blue skies!

We had a good idea of what was headed our way. we are the blue pin. 

Our hummingbird feeder post hail.
And some hail stones for the books. 

Storm One

We got a severe thunderstorm warning on our phones around 10:30pm. Ben moved the cars into the garage and I watched the lightening storm from the front porch. I could hear wind and thunder, but also a very loud swooshing sound in the distance. That sound came closer and closer and within minutes a wall of hail surrounded us. It was very loud! We had damaged screens and planters but all very minor.

Window screens

Good reason to get some new flower pots.

Hail stones were a little smaller in the first storm, but there were more of them. 

Because we had minimal damage, it made the storm pretty exciting. Unfortunately, our neighbors a few miles away had it much worse. Here is a news report on it:

And last, here is a photo of the storm from afar: 

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