Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kids Dancing (again)

So many fun things happening in this video, including sneaky Henry! I also love the "I'll be a happy snowman" part of this dance, it looks like they really worked to choreograph it!

Dancing to this:

Kids Singing Sans Crash

Dancing to this:

Kids Singing Hannah and Henry Crash

Our kids love listening to and singing to the "Frozen" soundtrack. Here they are dancing and singing, but there was a little crash, so I'll post some more without a crash soon!

Here is what they are singing and dancing to:

Mr. Nibbles

So, we got a hamster...about a year ago!!! We love Mr. Nibbles, he is the sweetest little guy. We had been entertaining the thought of a pet and with allergies and renting a home, a hamster seemed the best fit. We researched and found male syrian hamsters are the friendliest. It took some time, but somehow I convinced Ben that we needed a hamster. One day, Ben had to be at home to study and I took the kids out. On our way to a park I said, "Do you guys want a hamster?" Of course they did.
I said that we were going to a Goodwill and if there was a hamster cage there, we would get it and then go buy a hamster! They couldn't believe it!
Wouldn't ya know, when we walked into Goodwill, there was a practically brand new hamster cage with all the parts and pieces for $7! I don't remember ever seeing a hamster cage before and I know I haven't seen one since.
We bought it and went to the pet store. We all really liked Mr. Nibbles and brought him home.
So happy to have him! He is awake when the girls are getting ready for school, so if they get ready fast enough, they get to hold him before they head out the door. 

 Sticking his tongue out
 Cheeks full of grapes I believe
Run! Hamster, run! 

Builder Will

William is an awesome builder! He always has a spaceship, fort, or some sort of something in the works! It sure is fun!