Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Happy Day

I was spoiled silly on my birthday weekend. First on Friday night, we had a sitter and Ben planned to take me to dinner to La Madeleine, a French cafe. We showed up and Ben had an unusually big smile on his face.  He suggested we find a seat and lead me to 5 of our close friends who had showed up to surprise me and have dinner with us! It was a great time!
On Saturday, I got some time to myself at home while Ben took the kids out and about. It's a rare occasion that I am home alone and while I love my family, I do appreciate a break!
On Sunday (my actual birthday), we had church and then I got a rest and we had yummy Mexican goodies for dinner, followed by cake and presents. Once again, I was spoiled silly! I got so many wonderful things! Sure is great to turn 33! Thanks all, I'm feelin' the love!

Mmm, nothing like cake and ice cream! 

Sweetest little kids on my planet!

A little gender segregated cloud gazing...

And of course the smolder! He will only make that face for me on camera on special occasions. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Outdoors in April

In April we decided to take a day-trip and explore McKinney Falls National Park. It's only about 20 minutes from our home and minutes away from downtown Austin! We were surprised to learn we had this treasure so close! We went on one of our family's first hikes and no one even complained! 
Here is a video of one of Ben's interesting finds, he's always so good at finding things in nature.

 At one of the falls, the water was cold but it didn't bother the kids! 

 Fun little pools 

 Her personal cold tub

 Look out Hannah, that next one is deep! 

 Playing in the sand

 Let's pretend I know how to take pictures from Ben's ipod and imagine the photos without my thumbprint! Thanks! 

 I LOVE to let my kids wander out in nature, they seem to love it too

An awesome family day!