Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sea to the World with SUPERCUZIN Nick!

What's a trip to Texas without a trip to SeaWorld?! We had a great time other than the fact that we didn't get to go to the gift shop, my fault, but I probably saved my sister beaucoup bucks! 

 Ready to watch Shamu! 

 Petting Shamu! 

 Henry loves Aunt "Backy" as Will calls her


 More penguins! 

 Feeding the sealions

  Cute momma and baby humans! 

 Wheeeee, rides! 

 Round and round

 I think they look like they are cousins

 Plum tuckered out!

 DOG tired! 

Sweet sea dreams! 

Fun with our SUPERCUZIN!

We had a busy 10 days with my sister and nephew here! It was SO much fun and we're glad they like to come to Texas so much! 

 Feeding the giant scary geese...

 Taking refuge on the rock

 SUPERCUZINS! They are 3 months apart.


 We took a little trip to ghost town and got lost in the maze

 Evelyn was a bit upset about being a jailbird


 We got in a little flitekying, until we got kicked off the field

 A nice little picnic soaking in some rays

 We got in some ploccer saying, until we got kicked off the field

 Future soccer star

 Future kite flying wizards

 Ben is always so good about finding bugs and such, here he is showing off either a beetle or a frog


Two Diggers and a Shovel

These cousins sure have fun together! My sister had Henry and I had these two crazies while the girls were at school. I took them to a Dino Dig and they had some fun! 

Two Boys and a Song

Here's Nick and Will (cousins) in the back of the van having a fun time dancing to a song called "Mako Shark." It usually got them pretty wild! Hannah had fun too :) PS~Henry was with Aunt Becky PSS~I think it's pretty funny from 1:20 on...

Two Pirates and a Baby

Just in case you ever wondered what happens when you cross 2 pirates and a baby, here ya go!
(Pirates are William and his cousin Nicholas) 

Monday, April 22, 2013

A 4-Year Old!

William is the sweetest little boy ever! He is such a good kid and we are so grateful to have him in our family.
For his birthday he went back and forth between a super hero party and a pirate party. We settled on pirates and he had a fun time decorating his cake. 

I was planning on a small family party but I discovered before the girls got home from school that the day before Evelyn had invited the neighborhood over for William's bday pirate party! Although surprised, and grateful that a parent called to confirm, I was glad. Will hadn't ever had a party and we had enough stuff at home to throw together some party favors for everyone. So I was glad it worked out like it did, it was a lot less stress not knowing people are coming until the day they came! And we had a great time! 
 Will with his cake and pirate treasure bday favors. 

 He is always so pleased with anything and everything
Argh! We love you Will!

February Fun

These were our Valentines this year. We saw this idea on Pinterest and have had fun with it for the last 2 years. 

In February we were blessed with a visit from Grammie, Ben's mom. She was so fun and made cute owl cookies with the kids for them to give away to friends. "Owl always love you" and "Whoo loves you?"

 WE LOVE YOU GRAMMIE! Thank you for visiting us! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

January 2013

January was a nice month, we enjoyed the beautiful and cooler weather. The boys and I felt lonely after Christmas break and getting to be with Ben and the girls. We enjoyed some quiet and we also got to tend some friends for a couple of weeks, so that kept us busy. 
 We went park exploring and found Pfluger park, one of my new favorites, there is Henry and our friends at the stream. 

 We made some cool forts

 Henry found a hobby of sitting in baskets 

 The girls ate their greens, we find they eat their vegetables if they pretend they are animals and feed each other, whatever works, right?! 

Will made a sweet tower

Got an awesome thrift store find. We call it the coaster. It was $3! 

Henry figured out how to climb the girls' bunkbed. He still hasn't figured out his crib, but I don't think he's tried, he likes it there! Excuse the Saturday morning garb!

Here is Evelyn's piano recital, she really does have a knack for music and it is exciting to watch her learn and improve. 

Christmas in Arizona Pics

We were in Arizona for almost 2 weeks, so there is so much to post, but since I am 5 months late in posting it, I am only posting a few: 
 More presents! 
 Grammie and Grandad had a rule for each other this year that you could only get as much as would fit in their stockings...So Grandad made a bigger stocking for Grammie! 
 Evelyn got a sewing kit and went right to work! She did great! 
 We took a trip to a train park with Jon, Nicole, Grammie and kids. Jon had a blast! 

 So did Henry! 
 And Grammie too! 

 This is the Gilbert, AZ temple still under construction. Ben's dad's company did the structural steel work for it! 
 N and J dawgs

 Fuzzy pic of ginger bread house making
 I love this pic of Grammie reading Christmas stories by the tree with 6 of the now many grandchildren! 
 Christmas Eve, opening pajamas, ornaments, and books  from Grammie and Grandad! 
 Grandma Wyeth was able to come down, we were so happy to see her

 Mother and Son and Daughter-in-law...A great bunch! 

Great-Grandma Wyeth