Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gotta Love Those CHEEKS!!!

A little too much Mom

 Henry is now 2 months old. It seems to get more and more fun to have babies. First, you have so many more people in the house oohing and aahing and loving on the little babe. It is so fun to watch our other growing babies be so enamored and amused by Henry. It has been heaven the moments we have shared gathered around the baby and all laughing at and enjoying him. Most times Ben and I laugh more at our other children laughing then we do at Henry. 

Second, we have learned to respect and appreciate the brevity in which these little ones are truly little. Oh how fast they breeze through our arms! Sleepless nights don't last forever. If it were 50 years from now and I was given the gift to come back and live a day from this season of my life, just a regular ole' off-to-school-playin'-cars-makin'-food-holdin'-babies-cleaning-messes type day, oh how I would treasure holding the yummy bundle of Henry, playing Memory or castle or kitties or puppies with Hannah and William, and watching Evelyn herd her siblings through her imagination. I would soak in the creative messes our kids made and I would ask them so many questions about themselves and record in my heart every answer that their sweet little voices gave.  

We are so grateful for our sweet little ones!!! 

The furrowed brow inherited from mom

We've been trying to get a pic of his smile. He looks extra round in the face here!

Enjoying the outdoors
Fat cheeks make good pillows
There is that sweet smile that melts us all!
This makes me smile
What to do with a dad who's a tease?
Post funny pics of the tease himself, I
 suppose! (The girls helped dress him up)
Hannah and Will building castles and garages out of cans
Good little playmates
The boys

Evelyn helped Hannah dress up as a Spanish missionary. She did  her hair  too.

Just for fun...I can't eat chocolate while I'm nursing. Ben was going to the store and I dreamily asked him to find me a treat with peanut butter and caramel chunky stuff. I knew there was no chance of getting that without chocolate. But miracle of miracles, Ben & Jerry's Clusterfluff fell into our laps. Peanut butter, caramel, AND marshmallow, no chocolate! Hello heaven.   Ben got the potato chip one (Late Night Snack), not too bad. Sure do love Ben! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's True!!

Ben and I teach a class at church called Gospel Essentials. All are invited but specifically it is for those who are building their basic knowledge of the Gospel. Today we were teaching about missionary work, however we have a sick little guy (William) and need to keep him home from Church and so one of us needs to stay home. Because I am nursing Henry, it makes most sense for me to stay. I was really excited about the lesson, so I'll share a few of my thoughts and feelings.

Missionary work is near and dear to my heart. I have tasted of the fruits of the Gospel and they are absolutely delicious and beautiful. Anytime in my life when I have tasted something delicious or been to a beautiful place, the first thing I want to do is share it. I want to give the recipe or give directions to the place I had been so others can experience it for themselves. So today I just want to share a few thoughts about the Gospel so whoever reads can have the directions and the recipe for the best thing in my life.

I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Savior. It is only through Him that we can return to the presence of a loving and kind Father in Heaven. It is through Jesus Christ that we are made clean from our sins and we learn from Him how to be better.
The Lord has given us the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is the head of the Church and he leads it through revelation to a prophet and apostles. We use the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Both are ancient scripture, just from different continents. We are invited in the Book of Mormon to ask God with a sincere heart if these things are not true, we are promised that "by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."

I love that promise. I love how bold it is. I love how true it is. I love that I can share my testimony and say "You can ask God if it's true!" and He will let you know. You may feel a warmth in your bosom, peace to your soul, the answer may come through the mouth of a loved one or even a stranger. But the answer will come. That is why I was baptized in May of 1998. That is why I live the way I live and do the things I do.

I am so grateful for the Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my friend. We have a Father in Heaven who loves us, knows us and watches closely after us. He is anxious to help us, especially if we ask. I have had a life blessed beyond measure and am able to experience such peace and happiness, even amid trials.

You can learn more by asking us or referring to
It is also fun to browse the testimony of others at.

Here's a little video of a talk given by one of the Apostles. How could you not love the teachings? Each person tries their best to live by them. What a wonderful thing!