Monday, February 28, 2011

2 Year Old William

William recently turned 2! He has us laughing all the time. The other day Evelyn said, "One day, I hope I have a little boy as cute as William!"
William's attempt at chopsticks

 William's cake made with love by his sisters with a bit of supervision. He LOVES all things car/truck/tractor and was pretty excited about this cake.
Birthday festivities

William is talking so well and is really so fun. This video may be a bit slow unless you are a grandparent of William. This is a typical morning scene after Will wakes up, he usually comes in our room and plays and talks for a bit before he faces the day. Don't pay any attention to the sleeping lady in the bed. I LOVE it when Hannah comes in, Will is so excited. He says,  "LOOK MOMMY!" because he's showing me that Hannah is there. Then he said "Hannah!" and fell to give her a hug. One of the first things he says every morning is "Where Hannah is? What Efewen doing?" He loves his sisters!
Thanks Grandpa John and Karla for the "mowered" as he calls his mower. Thank you Grammie and Grandad, Mom and Becky for all the wonderful gifts! He loves them all!!! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011


We did a family vote guessing what the baby is, all the kids guessed boy and Ben and I guessed girl. I really was thinking it was a girl until I saw this shot of the baby's foot and I thought to myself, "There is a man foot if I've ever seen one!!!" and sure enough it is a man cub in there!
I didn't say the man foot thing out loud because our kids were there and just in case it was a girl, I didn't want them to forever tease their sister that I thought she had man feet.
The girls are really excited that William have someone to play cars with as well as having an even family of  3 boys and 3 girls (including me and Ben). We are so excited to meet this little babe!