Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We had so much fun visiting with the Christensen cousins the other night. In the video is Carter, born in Jan, he is in the middle. William, born in Feb, who is on the left and Layla, born in April on the right! We are missing Olivia!

Family Night

We had lots of fun just playing on our front lawn for family night. Here is a random little clip and some pics.

Fun looking at clouds:

Goodbye for now Friends!

Our good friends are off on a life adventure and moving away. Madison has been Hannah's good friend here in Rexburg. Ever since this play date, Hannah has been "Stister Smith" and she makes Evelyn be "Madison."

Having fun outside
I think these girls look like cousins, if not sisters...
Drawing fun.
They had the animals have a little party in the kitchen.
We miss you guys already! We hope you are settling in well.

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow

We have LOVED having a garden this year. It's little and we've learned much about how to do things better next year. We didn't get a picture of the sugar snap peas, but those have done really well and have been a big hit in the family.

Our Broccoli
Lettuce. Ben has especially loved the colors and variety with this lettuce. It's been so fun to not have to buy any from the store this year, we just head out to the garden with some scissors. And it keeps on growing and growing and growing!
Our corn is growing these tassles even though the stalks are only about 2 1/2 feet tall! It's been fun to grow, but we'll have to take a few corn-growing lessons before next year!

We also have pumpkins in the works but no photo. Our apple trees are going to have quite the harvest this year. If you live here and need some apples, come on over in a few months, bring a box or two!!

Where's Hannah?

It's always such an adventure to go into the girl's room in the morning and find out how Hannah has spent the night. Usually she is just covered with her blanket with her toes sticking out, like so:

This morning when Ben went in, he found her asleep in their dress up trunk! When we asked her why she was in there, she said she was dreaming about a parade. We checked her before we went to bed last night and she was sound asleep in her bed, so sometime during the night the truck sounded more appealing to her than her bed!

Face Painting

We checked out a face painting book from the library and the girls have been wanting to practice. We used water colors.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick July Update

Hi all! We've been busy just with daily living, swim lessons, and summer time! Here are a few snapshots:

Evelyn the brainiac. She has discovered putting letters together to make words. It's so fun! One morning she came in with this on the white board. It says: "And the winner is, Mom!" The blue word says "congratulations" somewhere in there!
The other day Evelyn sent Hannah in to me with a sticky note that said "come please fire fire fire!" There was no fire, but she needed the extra to make sure I came I suppose. I love that Hannah is the messenger.
Barbie stew?
The other day I had it with walking in the door and hearing "can I watch a show?" CONSTANTLY! So I unplugged the t.v. and told the girls they could live without it. It was the best decision I've ever made. We have since plugged the t.v. back in, but the girls don't care to watch it! Hooray! It is also one of the reasons I haven't blogged as much lately, it's just hard with little ones around.
So, the barbie stew is one of the many little creations around the house.
Our FIVE month old! How did that happen? Pardon the red eyes.

We also had a short and sweet visit from Jon and Nicole and Olivia who have moved from Rexburg. We were so happy to see them, we sure do miss you folks!

That's all for now! I still need to post pics from the visit from my mom and sister and baby Nicholas. We had so much fun with them here in Rexburg...