Tuesday, April 22, 2008

there's more to see

We've posted a few more video on the "Wyeth Headquarters" link if you're interested.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just a Glimpse into our Days!

Evelyn painted her face (with permission) to be Mickey Mouse
Hannah's "Cheese" face
I thought Hannah was really cute in this dress, but I didn't get a great pic.
It's still not extremely warm, but we go to the park almost everyday anyway. Here is Evelyn enjoying the slide.
We went to fly kites for family night last week. Ben ended up flying them by himself for the majority of the time :)
Hannah loves to sleep with her sheep (it's under her head).
Evelyn was sleeping like this when we checked on her. We told her the next morning that she was sleeping with a pillow on her head. She responed "Ya, it's so I don't hear Hannah crying." We felt bad, but Hannah usually only cries for a few minutes before she falls asleep, so we didn't feel terribly bad.
The girls just lounging.

Hannah's Laugh

This is just a short clip of Hannah laughing at Ben. Excuse the mess!

Evelyn's Joke

This is a joke that Jon taught Evelyn. She says it again and again and again and again and again. If anyone has a good children's joke, PLEASE let us know!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girls Trip to Wicked

I was so fortunate to be able to go on a girls' trip to California with Ben's sisters and mom. We had so much fun enjoying eachother's company and especially the show "Wicked." Thankyou so much for the wonderful experience! Thanks to Ben also who had a wonderful 3-day date with the girls!
Natalie made a slideshow/video of the trip. No pics I post can compete with this baby! Thanks for all your hard work Natalie!

Happy Birthday to Ben!!

Ben celebrated a birthday this past week. We all had lots of fun preparing for the celebration.
Hannah helped make the mint fudge brownie cake.
She was very serious about it.

Evelyn helped me decorate the house. She thought that we were done celebrating when we finished decorating the house. I had to tell her that the party hadn't even started yet, Ben hadn't even gotten home yet!

Family Room

After dinner (Pizza Hut, one of Ben's favorites) we opened presents. Thankyou everyone!!

Ben and his candles. You'll have to count, Ben's a little shy about his age, even though he's 2 years younger than me!!


We had such a wonderful Easter! Thankyou so much to both sides of the family! We told Evelyn that the Easter bunny came and delivered the baskets from Grandma Sally, Aunt Becky and Grammie, just like the mailman delivers packages!

Hannah checking out what Evelyn got...

Evelyn well....taking what Hannah got :)These were really fun baskets, thankyou so much!

This was the package from Grammie. They got to take their puppets to Church, they loved them! They also got new swimming suits, which they both wore all day after Church. Thankyou so much!

Jon and Nicole came over for dinner. We had ham, potatoes, "Aunt Aggie's Beans" or green bean casserole, rolls, raspberry jello and of course...Grandma's Sunday Punch. mmmmmm.... It was sweet to have a fancy dinner together. We're so glad Jon and Nicole shared it with us.

We hunted for eggs inside, it was a little cold outside. We had some fun beginnings of traditions, but I hope the one that lasts is learning of and expressing gratitude for the unconditional gift of the resurecction which Christ has given to all.