Sunday, May 12, 2013

March Happenings

I've just been trying to get caught up so I can post current things, I don't want to miss saving these memories and sharing them. Here are a few tidbits from March 2013: 

 Our church had a bake sale fundraiser. Ben and I made this lemon-strawberry cheesecake, it sold for $50! 

 Working on the garden, I love how Evelyn and Ben have the same stance. 

 Making jelly bean nests with our friend,  thanks Grammie!
 Handsomeness to the max

This makes me laugh! 

 Handsomeness to the mucho max, my view each a.m. as he gets ready to go.
 Hot all around! 

 Ben caught a beautiful butterfly that we admired for a few minutes 




 Hail storm! 



"Hats for Animals!"

It sure is fun to see our kids' creativity at work! It made me laugh looking at all these furry fashionistas. 

Shoes for Love

We were so proud of our kids doing such a good job collecting shoes for Shoes4Love. Our church was participating in the drive and encouraged us to help and collect some shoes. Evelyn brought a box into her classroom and received shoes from her teacher and classmates. 

She just didn't feel like that was enough, so she went door to door (with Ben supervising) asking neighbors for shoe donations. There was no fear or hesitation, she was getting shoes for those who didn't have any!

We counted 108 pairs of shoes total. So proud of our kiddos and their hard work! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Time

I just love the time we get to spend together, especially when there are no time pressures and we are just out  under the wide open sky and can hear the birds a chirping away!
 These are from a Sunday evening walk around our neighborhood. 
 Ben is such a champ and the world is a better place when he's in it. 
 You go girl and don't ever stop! 
 These two are so sweet when they play together! Middle child buddies. 
 My hunk! 
 I'm telling ya, life is just more complete with super dad around. 
 Scary cow eyes and scary eyes from an invisible cow!
 Hannah was proud of her shark and so was I! 
 My little lambs
 Watching funny videos on the computer
 These next few are from a little outing to Pflugerville Park, just about 15 min away from our house
 Steady, steady! 
 I love that Hannah wore her fairy wings! 
 Sweet sistas! 
 These guys are sure growing up! 
 The water log fairy 
 We had fun with this majestic tree
 What a great tree to climb, I'm glad Ben decided not to though! 
 Wearing our shirts from our friends' company
 Evelyn with straight hair, in case you were wondering what it might look like 
Hannah and her dolphin named "Dolphin" although Henry picked her up the other day and it sounded like he called her "Goddess" so sometimes she is called that. 

Fun at Walmart!