Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Beach

For Thanksgiving this year, we took advantage of living so near the Gulf of Mexico (about 3 hours) and found a quaint little condo from airbnb.com right next to the beach. We spent 2 nights there and we all had a marvelous time playing on the beach! 

 We couldn't wait to get to the beach when we got there, so we went ahead and went. I was a little scared of the dark and the ocean and the waves and the 4 little children being swept away, but no one else was worried, so we went! 
 Classic Evelyn in sand or dirt, she wastes no time in getting her hands in. 
 Here is Ben in front of the condo. The kids loved it and wanted to live there permanently because it had stairs and a "high part" that you could look over. They didn't mind that there was only one bedroom! 
 Here they are asleep, poor Evelyn had to sleep on a mattress on the floor because the pull-out sofa was broken...I did mention quaint, didn't I? 
Seriously, it would take a massive challenge/dare to even touch that thing, let alone pick it up. I am so glad we have a Ben to give us lessons on living and dead jelly fish as well as dangerous and safe ones. He also had a Portuguese Man-'O-War on the end of some sticks too. 

 We love the ocean! Things are always so exciting with Ben, he is always finding cool things. 
 They are also exciting when you have a 1 year old and a stroller and him performing his territorial dance claiming the land and the stroller thereon. 
 Such a good dad, such a good girl 
 More rites of passage...
 I can't hardly believe she JUST turned 8, what a beautiful young girl! 
 And a dip in the pool before some Thanksgiving dinner. This was right outside our door. It was chilly, but the kids didn't seem to mind and we were glad to get some of the sand off! 

 Thanksgiving! We had a small ham and all the fixins'
 Sure love these guys! 
 And these guys! 
 And our little book worm in her broken chair 
 Kids loved climbing the rocks 
 One shoed king of the beach
 Hannah's got hops! She is such an imaginative and fun girl! 
 Shoeless king of the beach 
 Just having fun, no where to be, but plenty to do! 
 Dig, dig, digging
 Digging has it's dangers! Watch out for flying sand! 
 Ben was brave enough to feed the seagulls 

 Our 8 year old beauty 
 Our 6 year old monkey beauty 
 Our whacky king of the beach 
and our handsome prince of all 

We couldn't have asked for a better few days, it was picture perfect. We also enjoyed Thanksgiving desserts with Ben's Uncle and family who live just a few minutes away from where we were. Maybe we've started a new tradition for while we live here. Thanks to my mom and dad who raised us having Thanksgiving at the Washington Coast for my first 14 years of life!