Monday, April 23, 2012

Make Believe

Some girls pretend they are princess, other play "poor" as our kids called it. We found this under the couch.
 Oh boy!
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

...however we are all alive and doing well here in Texas. 

Henry and Will are good buddies...most of the time.

 Henry managed to get some jello on his nose and I'm sure the neighbors could hear our kids laughing at it! 
 We have been making trips to the beach as well as blowing up our pool. The weather is perfect and in the 80's, in the summer it's too hot for me to go anywhere but the real pool! 
 Will finding an easter egg
 The girls proud after the backyard easter egg hunt
 Saw sidewalk paint on Pinterest, it's been a hit! 
 Henry loves the outdoors
 and sidewalk paint
Enjoying life before the inferno of summer! 

Ben is a Grown-up!

I feel like Ben officially crossed the grown-up threshold this last month as he FINALLY turned 30! He feels old but I think it's pretty impressive that in the last 10 years he served a 2 year full-time mission, married me, earned his bachelors degree, had FOUR kids, completed an internship for the Church in SLC, earned a Master's Degree, taught professionally at 2 different Universities, and has finished (almost) his first year of a PhD program...and did/is doing each one of those things with excellence and major wowing skills.

We celebrated his 30th with a date to Red Lobster, the San Antonio Temple and Six Flags. We didn't get too many pics but we sure had a great time. Thanks to our friend Annie who survived the 2 days with our 4 kids and her 2!