Thursday, December 15, 2011

I know you can't see any teeth in that smile, it's because there aren't hardly any! Evelyn has been pulling teeth like crazy! I was worried it was because she wanted money for the Book Fair. She has lost 7 in all.
Our sweet little tooth pulling bundle of JOY!

F i v e

That's right! Our sweet Hannah May is FIVE!!! We can hardly believe it! She is growing into a beautiful little tall string bean. She is a sweet, sensitive, smart and sharing girl. She is such a good sibling, she really balances out the wild personalities of Evelyn and Will. We can't imagine this family without her! 
Pillow Pet! She calls it "Pilly"
Our 5 year tradition in our family is that they get to decorate their own cake. Very fancy!
A remote control My Little Pony car!

Henry appreciates a good party

A Dora coloring book! Thank you for the wonderful gifts everyone!

Make a wish! Looks like Henry is wishing he could eat the cake! 

Brotherly Love

I'm feeling pretty blessed I get to spend my days with these little hunks!

Hoppin' on the Potty Train!

William officially completed Potty Training 101. Look at this dapper gent! 
 Congratulations Will!
Here are the cupcakes we made to celebrate his potty success, heaven knows whose idea that was!