Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Some Cuteness

Poor Henry is always getting stuff stuck to him. This time some one was trying to mail him! 
I got me some handsome church-going boys! 
Henry wasn't so sure about the trunk-or-treat, but he kept me cozy! 

Hannah adores her baby brother!
Are we really a family of 6 already? Here we are! We even included some shining Texas sun rays.

LOOK at these strapping men! 

It's a 7 Year Old!

Our sweet Evelyn turned 7! Can you believe it?!? 
 This is a doll she has wanted SO bad! She actually paid for half of it. She has been saving for it for a while and we told her we'd pay for half of it, she was pretty excited. 
 Present time! Thank you grandparents for the wonderful gifts!
 Hannah picked out fake nails to give to Evelyn. Needless to say, they were a hit!
 Birthday breakfast: cinnamon rolls, eggs and smoothies
Becky and Nick were here to join us! P A R T Y!!
Happy Birthday to our sweet Evelyn Joy, the world just wouldn't be the same without you! 

My Sista'

We were so glad that my sister, Becky,  and my nephew, Nicholas, decided to fly a bazillion miles to come visit us in scorchin' Texas. We had a great visit and it went to fast! This picture was taken on the Zilker Park Train. It was in the 90's that day. 

 We may or may not have let the girls play hookey one day so we could spend some quality time with their aunt and cousin...We were excited to ride the train.

 Nick and Will are 3 months apart, they are very much alike and had a great time playing together.

The girls

 Becky and Nick 

 Evelyn LOVES Aunt Becky and was upset when she had to go. Becky loves purple so we all just wore purple shirts in honor of her.

The boys throwing rocks in the river.

 Mmmmm, sno cones! We were invaded by bees and pigeons, but had a good time anyways! 

This is outside the Children's Museum. There are painted cows ALL over Austin. Our kids like to spot them and name them.

Two peas in a space pod

 I think Hannah looks like the next Martha Stewart in this photo with her arms crossed and wearing her white pearls.
Henry really enjoyed Becky and vice versa. She kept telling me she loves all our kids, but she really loves Henry. I think it's because he is the only who doesn't talk :)
Thanks for a wonderful visit Becky and Nick! We love you!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


We started our Halloween festivities with a "Trunk or Treat" at our church. We last minute tried to decorate our trunk like a jungle. 

Will REALLY wanted to be lightning McQueen. He was pleased with his home made costume and was cute trying to run SO FAST!
Will wearing an apron helping me paint Lightning.

Henry was a fireman. I accidentally erased the photos with him smiling. Thanks GG for the fireman onsie!

Right before trick or treating. Spider girl, Tinkerbell who is disguised as just a fairy with one water shoe on, and LMcQ. Oh, and a fireman of course! 

Ben was making faces while Will manned the camera. Ben makes a good primate! 

A nightly routine which I love, stories from Pops. Not much to do with Halloween, but sweet anyhow!