Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anyone a Fan?

Ben spent much of the latter part of 2010 applying to 8 different PhD programs across the country. It was a huge undertaking. We have been running to the mailbox every day for news. The other day Ben called from work and asked me to check his email, in it was a copy of a letter saying "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" Ben was accepted to his first choice program, Advertising at University of Texas at Austin (which happens to be the ONLY program in the nation that offers a PhD in Advertising).
So far, this is the only school we've heard from. We are all so proud of Ben and so excited for the new adventures coming to us this summer! Thank you to the many people who wrote a bazillion recommendation letters!
Nice work Ben!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Snap!

Little Laughter

This video makes our whole family giggle, I don't know if it's Evelyn's constant laughter in the background or if it's just how silly William and Hannah are. Will loves to tackle his sisters, he usually holds on until they fall down. This is a typical Sunday morning at our house.
Warning: This is probably boring unless you are a grandparent or aunt or uncle of one of these kids :)


This picture has been floating around our house since October. When we came home from Arizona from Evelyn's birthday and Hannah's unbirthday, Ben's mom sent us home with ALL of the cake. We had it for a couple of days, but as beautiful and delicious as it was, we couldn't handle anymore.
Ben did something that I don't think he will ever do again. He washed out the Tupperware containing the cake left-overs IN FRONT of Evelyn and Hannah. They were sitting at the counter drawing and looked up when they noticed what he was doing. He didn't mean to, he was just cleaning the kitchen!
I was in the other room and I was certain both of the girls had fallen off their chairs and broken all of their limbs by the way they were crying, they were devastated! Who knows what our neighbors must have thought!
We told Evelyn she could draw a picture of her cake, I think it was therapeutic for her. Her picture says, "Birthday Cake Dad washed it down the drain..." and that is her crying in the corner.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Go Rachel Go!!!

Anyone need a healthy dose of inspiration? Click here to see and read some! My friend Rachel has been working so hard over the last 6 months to change her life. I am so proud of her persistence, motivation and hard work! Way to go Rachel!!!!