Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No, we don't wonder why he got stitches...

Here is our crazy little boy who is positive he can walk, but is always distressed to find out he can't. The last 10 seconds or so of this video makes us laugh.

He did get stitches last night after he fell on something...
I actually don't know what happened, I was in the other room. But he is doing well and is quite a trooper! If you'd like to see pics, click here

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sister Pox

William got a case of the sister pox this morning.

Mama Julia

This is our sweet neighbor, Julia. She is from Italy. Out of the generosity of her heart, she taught us and some friend s how to make panzoratti and fried zuchninni. Here is sweet Julia.
And here is the DELICIOUS panzoratti. Fried bread with mozarella and tomatoes inside. MMMmm. She sells it every friday at the Rexburg farmer's market.
How do you solve the problem with zuchinni?
FRY it!! MMmmmmm.

Meet Chalonn

This is the ladybug that Evelyn caught today and affectionately named Chalonn. I didn't have the heart to tell Evelyn that because Chalonn was left in a little metal can in the bright sun on a black table and under a big pot, she suffocated, roasted, and died. She was a good pet while we had her. Rest in peace Chalonn.

New Dos

Evelyn is trying out GG's wig
William looked pretty sharp in it too
And I got a hair cut!