Monday, March 17, 2008

Alpha Power

Some kids like to start with the letter A, but Evelyn decided she wanted to start with Q. We were all outside yesterday and she said "Mom! Dad! I made the letter Q! Come see!" I think she was as surprised as we were! We're so proud of Evelyn's first letter. Thankyou for sharing the moment with us :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Celebrating the Coming of Spring!

It has been warming up here in Rexburg and we think Spring might show her face! We have been loving going outside. The other day Evelyn exclaimed "Look Mom! Grass!" She definately hasn't seen it for a few months.
She was so excited to get her own shovel from Jon and Nicole that as soon as we got home from Church all she could think about was shoveling.

Jon and Ben got to work on the roof exposing some of the ice so the sun could melt it. Jon tried to throw the snow on us.

He sure is a friendly lad!


Fancy spring feet. Hannah did NOT like having her toes painted. She kept touching them and then would put her forehead to the ground and cry.

The girls sharing a tender moment. Really I just think that Hannah really likes Evelyn's blanket, but we won't share that with Evelyn!

Ben and Evelyn went on a nature walk. The way the snow has melted and re-frozen, it will support you when you walk on it. It's pretty fun and Evelyn thinks it's so funny when the snow gives and one of us plops on through.

Hannah out helping as fancy as can be! She loves to shovel too!
I thought this was a really cute pic, too bad it's fuzzy! Evelyn LOVES to spend time with Nicole.

We Meant: Celebrating the Last Days of Winter

We were so sure that Spring was right around the corner that we forgot that we were in Rexburg! We had a few inches of great snow today and we can't complain. This is farmin' country and those farmers need the moisture! So while Ben was out shoveling our driveway, we decided to make a family statue portrait. It was so fun! We got cold and didn't put mouths on them, but just pretend they're smiling.