Friday, January 25, 2008


We put a few new pics of the girls at the "Wyeth Headquarters" click HERE if you would like to see them!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We Made it to REXBURG!!

Ice Princess Ballerina Evelyn. We still aren't totally sure what our backyard or driveway look like, but we probably won't until the spring! Evelyn doesn't seem to mind the cold too much though!
Hannah prefers tubing inside.
A frequent scene around our house
Where's Hannah? This was the first night we got here. Ben had just put Hannah in her pajamas after a bath and then he threw her favorite purple blanket over her head. That's the last we heard from her that night! She fell asleep under the blanket on Evelyn's bed! We LOVE living so close to Jon and Nicole. For our first family home evening here, they joined us for a little gingerbread making.
We decided to enjoy the snow a bit. There is ALOT more now then there was then.
Hannah really enjoyed the tube! She just layed there (she couldn't do much else given our makeshift snow outfit) and giggled.
The girls before their first Sunday here.

Don't worry folks, more of the house and our new life here to come!

Christmas in Seattle

Pre-Christmas in Cedar City

Hello friends and family! I know it seems we've been lost for awhile, but we're finally getting back on track here. We are now in Idaho and loving our house and Ben is really enjoying work. We have some blog catching up to do, so we'll start in Cedar before our Seattle trip and Christmas and try to catch you up!

The girls were such good sports through all the packing. I think they bonded a bit while they learned to play with eachother while we were packing house.
Evelyn was a little tuckered out. We went to check on her during her nap and this is how we found her!
Hannah LOVED the empty cupboards. I thought I had lost her a few times!

Hannah was enjoying some lounge time on the floor.

Evelyn was so thrilled to get to be an angel in the Church Christmas program. Her friends are Tessa (left) and Jocalyn (right).
After her big performance. We were so proud.
Santa gave Evelyn a candy bag, which we said she could open, but she still felt she needed to seclude herself to be sure we didn't eat her candy and to be sure she really wouldn't get in trouble. I found her in the foyer "sneaking" her candy.
Here's our little angel after her candy. Maybe she at a bit much!