Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Real Life

Thanks to our in-house-pint-sized photographers, we have these to document what life is really like for our kids. Thanks for keeping it real guys. 

What a Lady!

Hannah is stealthily growing up over here! She is growing so tall and discovering so many talents such as cartwheels, drawing, and reading. She says she wants to be an illustrator and I believe she is well on her way. What a wonderful sister she is to each sibling and she's such a pretty little thing! 
She is our sweet sunshine! 

How we love our Hannah May! 

Mealtime Entertainment

Henry is always good for making us laugh at mealtime. He is learning how to play peek-a-boo....
Excuse the mess! 

Jumping Beans

We took the kids to Texas Jumping Beans one hot summer afternoon. It is a warehouse with a multitude of bouncy houses.  We had the WHOLE place to ourselves for the 2 hours we were there! 

 We brought some pizza to make sure everyone's tank was full.

 Ben got first place with 58 seconds on the swan named Swan-wan-chu. 

 Evelyn has really been into posing for pictures. It cracks me up! Here they are looking bored riding the turtle! I LOVE Hannah's bored face! 

 Pretending the alligator is a little too wild of a ride after lunch! These kids are hilarious! 

Hannah in the "lava pit"

Just a little video of the kids going down one of the slides. 
Fun Texas summer memories! 

The Dizzy Seat

I love this chair! You don't even have to push it, just sit and voila! All the dizziness you can stand!  

So Sleepy!

After a long morning at the park, Henry just couldn't even move! He was so tired! I noticed him paralyzed-like right before he fell asleep. It made me giggle.

While we're talking about sleeping, we found Will in his chair the other night before we went to bed! 

Ticklin' them Ivories

Here is Evelyn at her very first piano recital. She has been a natural, she's been playing for 3 months now. Nice work, Ev!
 I love that Hannah hugs her when she is done. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Four Eyes

I got new glasses yesterday. 

 Trust me, they are not my mom's. 
 I can see more clearly now! 

By: Evelyn

Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Day of Summer

It snowed on the first day of summer! Okay, not really, but the kids had fun playing with the fake snow they got from Grandpa John. They like to play in it with their animal figurines. 

We are looking forward to summer. The kids have little jobs to do in the morning from eating breakfast (what a job, eh?!), to making beds to doing workbooks. We have lots of fun planned. We'll have a library day, science day, discover a new park day, pool day and plenty of playdates and projects to fill in the in-betweens! I hope it is a memorable and sweet summer for all! 

Last Day of School

Evelyn got to wear an old shirt and have her friends sign it. It was a cool memento from 1st grade. I can't believe this little girl will be 8 soon and in 2nd grade. She gets more beautiful by the instant and I am constantly looking at her in wonder. She is such a beautiful, talented, smart and loving girl! 

I took the kids for a post-school picnic. Other than the flies, we had a nice time. Evelyn was a bit sad because 1st grade had ended. 

The greatest invention ever, the tire swing. 

Goodbye Pre-K

Hannah is such a sweet little thing. She is a good girl and did a wonderful job in Pre-K this year. She learned so much and is ever the rule-enforcer and order-keeper. We have been so surprised to hear her read, she is reading big words, and lots of them! We are so proud of our little smarty pants! 

I love this girl! 

3 oldest on the way to the last day of school

Hannah LOVED the bus! 

This was her last pre-k bus ride. There were usually about 6 kids on that giant bus thanks to her being done with school by 10:40 am. It was a special time for her to get to ride the bus. 

The boys picking up the girls on the last day.

Gettin' Buggy

A couple of weeks back, Ben found a caterpillar on a plant outside. Being the cool dad that he is, he put it in a jar. As you can tell from the picture below, it was a very hungry caterpillar. All those stems had been full of leaves. He built a nice little burrowing cocoon and just yesterday we had a looky and VIOLA! A beautiful hummingbird moth! 

 Having a look see
 There's our little mothy friend. 

Free at last. Who knew moths could be so pretty? We were hoping a bird wouldn't come eat it right away. Hopefully it has found it's way in the world. 
We found another fuzzy one today. It's in a jar now, on our fridge. The saga continues.