Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rigby Lake

We spent an hour or two at Rigby Lake on Saturday. Evelyn LOVED it, Hannah not so much, but she was a good sport anyway. She didn't like being wet or hot or sandy. We'll have to go back again and this time a little more prepared!

We had a Subway picnic. I thought this was a funny picture of the girls.
He must have ordered the handsome sauce on his sandwich.
Evelyn sang and swam the whole time.

Thanks for having a peek into our Saturday!

Hula Mula Hannah

Evelyn calls anything Hawaiian "Hula Mula" from a book called "Charlie and Lola." On Friday Ben had a work party. They invited the Polynesian Association to perform some of their beautiful dances. Hannah really got into it. The girl that was dancing was really patient with someone sharing her stage!